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    Henderson Precison

    Yea emails are short and abrupt, but if ya get on the phone with Todd you will see why. Todd will not let you go till everything is crystal clear and your happy. Great customer service. Great product. Don't know what a Gen 3 would improve on other than the case length set up.
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    223 Component Recommendation Pls

    PM me if I don’t hit ya back latter. Jon cut my Accurate Mags to fit and feed perfection.
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    Talk me into or out of an auto trickler v3

    "I'll give you my V3 when you pry it from my cold dead hands" Charlton Heston quote, sorta, but ya get the point.
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    Factory Ammo Recommendation for 6.5 Creedmoor 1/8 twist barrel

    Sellier and Bellot 140 FMJ BT was $11 a box here before the global economic restructuring. 6" steel target at 500 yards all day with every 6.5 rifle I've had out here. To include a Bergara Pro and HMR. Is it Berger quality? Hell no! But its factory ammo thats cheap and shoots. Hope this helps.
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    223 Component Recommendation Pls

    Hawk Hill 1-7 M40 24" Beanland Custom Rifles build cut for 80.5 bergers Lapua Brass Berger 80.5 205 primers Varget "nightmare" powder. First jug (8lb) was 24.4, second jug (8lb) is 25 even for same velocity. Yep, ya read that right. .6 grain difference for same velocity. Both jugs were tested...
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    Case trimmers set up advice

    They are sold. I bought them for the stuff I don't shoot as much so as to avoid altering my Henderson trimmer. Setting up the blades on the Trim it 2 was a PITA. There was so much play in the caliber dies that a consistent trim length is impossible. To my standards anyway. More than good...
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    Flat back more stable then boat tail

    The smallest, easily repeatable, supersonic loads, for paper punching only, have always been flat based bullets for me. The .308 150 Berger flat based match bullets for inside 500 yards are astounding. Supposedly, there is a better/uniform seal at the rear of the bullet. Think rebated boat...
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    Thread closed. Thanks for looking.
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    Sorry I neglected this post for so long. Should have updated a while ago. Keep your chins up! Dreams do come true. Just at a higher rate for Vudoo owners. Thread closed.
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    Old Mag Identification

    No one remembers these? No response from Seekins, guess I’m just SOL.
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    Tips on fine tuning the primer seating process on Dillon 550

    Uniquetec has the answerers to your issues. And cutting out the crimps. I use a primer pocket uniformed.
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    Austin TX long range shooting

    Nope, not a member. Just a place a group of us used to meet up at one a year.
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    Austin TX long range shooting

    Austin Gun Club. Shot the mile target out there many times. Don't go there anymore due to the drive.
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    Best $2k rifle?

    One of the 4th of July ARC rifles. That was and is the best 2K 6.5 CM rifle deals. Just happen to have an unfired one setting here. If your looking...