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    lookie what i got

    im going to call it the armory. ill see what the pressure washer does to it, hopefully it will be good enough for a quicky paint job. i ll set up the reloading equiptment you all gave me, i cant wait. ill put it somewhere under a tree, i think i want...
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    Bogie brown...

    Homeboy has been working alot. lets give him a shout out. keep kickin ass dude
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    bear ate dead meth head

    read it on fox meth head od,s. bear comes along and eats him thats the last thing needed, a bear on meth
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    fuck me, Geno comes into town and everyone turns on me

    we,re drinkin... mommason is hungry so we decide to take Geno to a local place here, so close we walked... i have been going there for 20 something years, i always loved it, i thought people always thought of me as super cool...im telling ya, i know...
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    fuck you V A.. you cock suckers, fuck you did i say fuck you yet, boy im glad i gave our country the best of me, you fuckers
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    hug your wives

    we are a bunch of studs that have prom queens for ladies... give them an extra hug.
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    Fuck you Jane Fonda

    bitch is saying sorry to sell a book or movie or some shit fuck you cunt
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    alright montana, not cool...

    why did you let the 80 year old white lady w the black lives matter shirt travel this far...shes here, just left my shop not cool, you need to take care of your own trash, we are full here
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    air brush

    my daughter is an artist and wants an airbrush... i dont know anything about it but if its worth doing, its worth some overkill... i hate junk, like quality but hate paying for it if i dont need to. i would like the best airbrush i can get, hopefully...
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    i have been threatened by the russians...

    they want my pass code here to re post A1j04 calls a sex worker... dont worry about me, i will never sell out... keep an eye out, i think the bastards are busy...