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    Sig Sauer Tango 4 Gen II?

    It is the gen 2. There have only been two generations of the tango 4; neither of them had locking turrets. Both do have a zerostop though. As far as I know only the Tango 6 has locking turrets I have two Tango 4s, one of each generation, and two tango 6s, one of each generation. They do seem to...
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    Lowa Zephyr GTX Lo TF Shoe

    I think I had the 6" ones. I used them after I blew out my ankle. The high boots may be better for your circumstances.
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    Lowa Zephyr GTX Lo TF Shoe

    I have had two pairs of the Zyphers over the last 6 years. They are easily the most comfortable boot I have ever used.
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    Palmetto freedom barrel

    My psa is a 1”-1.5” gun typically.
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    380 for wife to carry.

    My wife tried quite a few different 380s she chose the sig 238. She’s 5’2ish 110 lbs. just to give an idea. She said it was the easiest slide to work and less muzzle flip than the others.
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    .223 trainer-experienced input needed!!!

    20-24” (or match your main rifles profile and length) 1/7 twist 75 Elds under 24-24.5 8208 in Winchester brass and 450 primers 2965fps single digit SDs Whatever trigger matches your main rifle.
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    CZ 457

    For me wolf match extra and match target shot the best during and after. SK standard and CCI SV shoot well too just more fliers at least in the lots I tested.
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    CZ 457

    It will tighten up after 400-500 rounds. :)
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    Area 419 15 or 30 moa

    I went with the 15 on my 457. I wish I had gone 30. I didn’t realize at the time how much adjustment it took to push a 22 at distance.
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    WTB Quality 20-30 MOA mount - 30mm

    I do have an ADM 20MOA sitting in the safe. Just pm me an offer :)
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    CZ 457

    I have a failure to eject on the last round every time with my 457.
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    Sling for PRS Rifle

    SAP, TIS or Armageddon seem to be the popular ones
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    Choice of Cz 457 and optic

    I don’t know whether it was my shooting ability vs. the guy at the range. But my pro varmint with a 16.5 was much more consistent than a guy who was shooting against me with the at one.
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    Sig Sauer Tango 4 Gen II?

    Yes, It is still 50. but has increments out to 1000 before infinity. I actually didn't think to try it at 25, as it does appear to go a bit below 50.