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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner

    Look up stats for deaths/injuries by edged weapons. Slashing wounds - unlikely to incapacitate an assailant unless get very lucky. Stab wounds - cause most deaths/incapacitations but time till incapacitation point is enough to allow the assailant to do a lot of damage to your daughter. In most...
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    Need advice on a bubble level.. 36mm ring

    Well, you might be in luck around the start of March 😉
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    FFP MIL Scope For Hunting

    100% on this. Slight weight difference between the scopes is mute when you take account all the other shit you have on you. Better off finding weight reduction elsewhere. I was between the ZCO420 and TT315M for lightweight LR build and went with ZCO due to extra x on the top end and reticle.
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    LPVO vs 1.5-8s and 1.7-10s

    Pretty much my experience. Pushing/stalking animals through thick bush = 1x with big eyebox invaluable. Shooting/hunting animals across more open ground at distance = 1x not so useful. Work out what the percentage of each of type of shot you normally take and that will guide what you require.
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    Genesis Ballistics Solutions--Android Now Available!!

    Can’t wait to see this mate - you never do anything in halves. Always right first time 👍
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO ZC420 v Kahles K318i v Schmidt Ultra Shorts v Minox ZP5

    I have shite eyesight to start with (-10) corrected and wear contacts so notice optics with lesser glass/design. Have found the ZCO420 better in pretty much all ways to the Swarovski scopes I own (Z3, Z6 & Z8). But in saying that I have noticed the entire through scope image turns a yellowish...
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    Rifle Scopes Zero Compromise Optic MPCT3 reticle

    Pair the MPCT3 (minus the ranging funnel) with a ZCO420 on a slight weight diet and that would be the perfect LR hunting scope. interested to see side by side with MPCT2 - hope I don’t have regrets... :)
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    Rifle Scopes Razor Gen 3 line?

    If you are located SE Qld let me know and can compare ZCO420 side by side to your 525i.
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    Rifle Scopes 1000-1,300$ price what lpvo should I get?

    Slightly more $1500 gets you a kahles on here or demo’d. @CSTactical
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    I did consider the Blaser but I wanted the horseshoe for in close on pigs and the graduations in the reticle first distance. Maybe if Blaser threw something like that together ?
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    Hoplite Arms

    Sent you a PM Matt
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    Hoplite Arms

    @THEIS - what’s the chances of getting one to Australia?
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    Damn, just to think I bought another kahles 1-6. Haha no matter as such is life :) Thanks ILya ?
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    Rifle Scopes SHOT 2020

    High end to compete with kahles, Blaser, NF?
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    Rifle Scopes Swaro vs Nightforce.

    Personally I wouldn’t put NF glass in same league as swaro. NF has a very flat image and doesn’t have the resolution that the swaro has (Z3, Z5 & Z8).