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    GA Precision 22 GT

    Nope, feeds like silk....
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    These two are almost twins...on the left is a 22 CM 16" #4 Bart, TT 3-15X50 LRH scope. Got in some really good cold weather testing last week, shooting in temps down to -24F. I learned a lot about small rifle primers in the cold...
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    2.610" COAL 2.010" BTO
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    I'm doing a T&E for Leupold on that scope... That will be another thread...;) And take me several months of using it to complete my data, and thoughts...
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    565 yards. A little drift left/right
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    Winning...... I know, it's only 100M, but still...;)
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    223 hunting ammo question

    I've killed an assload of big game with that bullet in 223's, 22/250's, and 220 swift's. Use it with total confidence.....55 SP's are one of the best slow twist 22 caliber bullets ever made in my opinion.
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    Lapua's New 136gr 6.5 Scenar

    So far, so good. With a BTO of 2.130", the COAL is 2.800". More testing at...
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    Which rangefinder has the best glass

    I'd have to say my Vector 21's have the best glass I've ever looked through in a range finding unit. A close 2nd would be my Leica 8X42 HD-B 3000's.....for my eyes anyway.
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    Rifle Scopes NEW TANGENT THETAS - Long Range Hunter and Tremor 3 now available - FIRST LOOK

    I've been running one for a couple months on my work rifle. I'm liking it...a LOT! Most forgiving parallax I've ever used. Glass is amazing, at least to my eye. As good or better than my S&B's or Henny's. Gen II reticle is my favorite hunting reticle. I'll be adding a couple more of these to the...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Need help due to delay after firing pin dropping before ignition

    Go to federal 215 Magnum Match, or Remington 9 1/2 Magnum primers. I played with different primers in my 338LM, and had the same issues back in the day....