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    Recount Petition!

    http://chng.it/KM7THfSmG6 Signed!
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    Can I Please??? Wife, NO you cannot!

    Saw this nice gentleman today driving down I-25 and wanted to have a chat with him.
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    Antifa fucked around and found out Colorado edition!

    I absolutely love how red Northern Colorado is!
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    ANTIFA Tweet this afternoon

    I really hope this does not actually happen. Residential areas are going to be a whole different animal then a downtown district with office buildings and business. You start messing with a mans home and family...
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    Polis gets has ass handed to him by high school senior!

    My wife shared this with me tonight. It’s exactly what needs to said every time pos shows his face in public! He did not even begin to counter anything that was said. Wish I could see the rest of the video. ...