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    Reloading Equipment WTS Sierra 30 cal. match Kings/ 30 cal.

    PM sent for the Nosler BT.
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    Reloading Equipment new 260 REM Brass

    Number 2 above. I’ll take 1000 Hornady once fired 6.5CM/LRP for $300 shipped. PM sent.
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    SOLD Price Drop! 130gr ELDMs 6.5mm (500 count)

    I have 500 of 143 ELDX’s (same lot) I will trade for your 130’s. (Traded)
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    300 blackout, I need starting load data for 125g solid all copper

    “Makerbullets” make solid copper bullets. If you look around on the net, you may be able to find loading information on their 130 grain blackout bullet. I have shot a few of their 190 grain 30 cal bullets in my blackout. Expensive bullets, but they sure do the job.
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    300 blackout, I need starting load data for 125g solid all copper

    Hornady reloading data for their 125-130 grain bullets, Accurate 1680 powder is starting at 18.3 grains for 1700 FPS, max at 20.7 grains for 1900 FPS. Taken from Tenth Edition reloading manual. I personally always use the A1680 for the heavy subsonic loads and load H110 or Win296 under bullets...
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    Night Vision SOLD Bering Optics Super Hogster R 2.9-11.6X35

    I want this if still available, pm sent.
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    SOLD WTS Leupold Mark 5 7-35 M5C3 and Geissele 35mm mount - sold

    If you will take PP friends and family, I’ll take the scope. Can’t pass this up!
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    SOLD Unobtainium Honardy (#30730) .308 190gr Sub-X (for 300AAC Defense loads)

    I find 11.7 grains of 1680, win srp, LC brass, seems to match the Hornady factory load. Your mileage may vary. This is a 300 BO load shot out of a Ruger Ranch Rifle Suppresed.
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    Firearms Wtb 2.75 inch .500 Smith and Wesson ES

    A gunsmith friend of mine has one for sale, 4” barrel, Alaska model, lanyard, fiber optic sight, think he wants around $1000. Virginia.
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    Anyone else playing around with cryptocurrency?

    I’ve been investing in the coins and paying taxes since 2017. Every sale is a taxable event. If you hold the coin less than a year, the profit is treated as regular income. If you hold for longer than a year, long term capital gain, taxed at 15% for most of us. Some explained above about BTC...