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    Top four "switch caliber" precision rifle systems?

    That’s a great question - I’ve been trying to decide myself. For 338 lapua you’d probably be great either way. The AXSR looks like the better option overall. The only thing holding me back on it is I read of a trigger issue...
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    Thanks for the flash sale! Still an estimated 90-120 day backorder on the MRAD version, correct? Also, while I’m at it, any updated estimate on backorder times for Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 w/ T3 reticle? I think on your website the last update 6/28. Thank you!
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    How should I be cleaning my precision rifle?

    Right now, the products I’m using are as follows: Cleaning Rod: Dewey Guide: Tipton Universal Bore Guide (soon to be AI bore guide) Solvent Ballistol (I currently don’t use any copper solvent) Jag, Patches, and Brush Generic Poke-style jag, Generic...
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    1:8" twist in a .308 Win. short barreled rifle - will it work?

    I’ve been wondering the same. One interesting thing is the Army’s new Barrett MRAD (MK22) 20” 308 barrel is a 1:8 twist. Thought it was a typo at first as I know 1:10 is “the norm”. If the army is doing it I guess there’s a reason!
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    Accuracy International AXSR's are HERE!!

    Thank you for being continually active on this thread. I’m really interested in purchasing an AXSR. The Precision Rifle Blog had a great review on the AXSR (article here for reference: The biggest concern I had was...
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    That’s what’s making me hesitate with purchasing the AXSR. That it’s comp trigger-esque and doesn’t take the OG trigger. I’m hoping to hear more about the AXSR trigger and its reliability. I know lowlight had mentioned they’d have a video talking about triggers, but haven’t seen anything yet...
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    2021 Accuracy International Virtual SHOT Show coming soon!

    Did I miss this video, or has it not been posted yet? I’m really interested to hear about the triggers.
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    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Do you happen to remember which podcast that was on? I’d be interested in listening to that
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    2021 Accuracy International Virtual SHOT Show coming soon!

    I apologize if I’m getting too off-topic as this appears to be an AT Comp focused thread now, but I was just going off some comments that @lowlight appeared to make about the AXSR triggers (pics below). Additionally, in this in-depth review of the AXSR the author described a trigger issue he...
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    AI comp triggers

    If you find one let me know! Haven’t seen any online at mile high or eurooptic.
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    2021 Accuracy International Virtual SHOT Show coming soon!

    Question on the trigger as well. Only thing holding me back on the AXSR rifles is the new AXSR trigger because I’ve heard it has issues. Correct me if I’m wrong. If they had the OG AXMC/AXSA/AIAT trigger I’d be interested.
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    AI AXSR & Barrett MRAD - Reason for both?

    One reason to keep both would be when you go to the range you can alternate between rifles. Shoot the MRAD some and then, while you’re waiting for the MRAD’s barrel to cool, shoot the AI. Rinse and repeat.
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    300 WinMag vs 300 PRC vs 300 Norma

    Question for you experts out there. Warning: beginner here. I’ve wanted an MRAD in 300NM, but I simply don’t know enough when it comes to twist rate, SG, etc. The MRAD appears to offer a 1/8 twist, and I’m a little worried about that. Using the Berger stability calculator: At 59 degrees at sea...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Jack of all trades, master of none - Which Shotgun?

    Vepr-12 is pretty sweet! Just don’t see it in stock anywhere anymore. Covid times. concerned about Remington’s quality, QC, and CS - especially with the bankruptcy. Already have an LMT CQB and X95 :) Just looking to add a shotgun.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Jack of all trades, master of none - Which Shotgun?

    Thanks for the time you put into your comment! Nice to hear from someone who has personal experience with it. It’s mostly hunting, 3 gun, and clays with defense on the back burner, but still capable. I like the simplicity of a pump, but the 24” 1301 Comp checks a lot of boxes. Is there a reason...