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    Subs to Aussies - Sound off on thoughts?

    I watch a guy on youtube called "sub brief" and he had a 15 minute video on it the other day. I think he spent 20 years in the Navy on subs...and I believe he is a current day consultant on nuke sub stuff also... He was all for this deal. He talks through it. He also said they will be based...
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    You would make about 8 extra HP... totally not worth the 600-800 bucks a tuner would charge you. I just got my 2021 Explorer ST tuned and it add's about 75whp and 75wtq... the car is a BEAST. It will spin all 4 on a hard launch and chirp the 1-2 shift.
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    scam... OBD ports cant change tuning parameters in real time...although some will argue there is the "theoretical" ability to do it with what data is present in the lines.
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    We got any drivers here? How do you keep from falling asleep?

    If I drive long distances alone I smoke cigarettes... works better for me than caffeine. My wife wont let me smoke when she is in the car so... I drove 14 hours from Gatlinburg to Dallas last fall. Luckily was in the corvette. Had the cruise set on 100 for like 2 hours at one point. When...
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    Flood Damaged Vehicles

    MOST cars that get flooded in hurricanes dont get "Salvage-rebuildable" titles anymore because its pretty easy to wash them through a few states. They get "Salvage-for parts only". Those titles can never get washed. I think that started happening after Katrina. I know that was the case with...
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    Things that make you go hmmm ….

    Easy to "vet" somebody when you know nothing about them and when you enter some sketchy info into some computer database thats also, miraculously, empty, again, its quick to get done... "oh, nothing here, must be good to go"... On the other hand when the .gov has to search through tons and tons...
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    Maggie’s Tool box help

    I bet them buckets are made in china LOL
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    Maggie’s Tool box help

    Head over to I THINK there are reviews of both of those boxes over there. I almost want to say the guy that owns that "strictly tool boxes" website that has the tool vaults is a member over at Garage Journal.
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    My employer mandated the vaccine. Anyone else?

    My company hasnt mandated it...yet. I know our union has concern's that center around privacy as well as our ability to hold a medical certificate issued by the FAA if we get some odd thing from the shot. Our loss of license insurance isnt up to par in a situation like that and I am doubting...
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    The Primer Shortage

    No, 2014/2015 I think, might have been 2013.
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    The Primer Shortage

    There have been, in the last 8-10 years, at least 2 companies I am aware of that attempted to start up a primer line as well as a powder line(I believe a general 9mm/45 power and a general 223/308 powder)... Neither made shit that I am aware of. One was in Montana IIRC. I can find no...
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    Hey fellas, help me out here...

    Sold, well traded, lots of cars to dealers. I get bored easily. Ive had 6 cars in the last 18 months. Never had one give 2 shits what title status was. If the vehicle was on a loan, the dealer knows the title is at the lien holder or the state. And showing a dealer a title because you are...
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    Hey fellas, help me out here...

    I wouldnt mind running down and looking at it for you at a minimum. Can take as many detailed pics as you want. Test whatever you want.
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    Back the Truck Up.............

    I got the mini part going on....
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    Hey fellas, help me out here...

    Im off work Sunday-Wednesday next week. I live like 4 hours from there. What kinda RV is it? I got a tuesday appointment next week, but Sunday and Monday im free... Want to pay me some dollhairs and a hotel and ill do your deal. Ive been around RV's for a few years with my old man(air...