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    Wtb tl3 6.5 creed barrel

    Like the title says. Hunting a new/gently used tl3 barrel in 6.5 creedmoor. Cut/button rifled don't really care as long as it's a shouldered prefit. Lowerish round count. Thanks alot
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    Vortex AMG ebr7b mrad

    Downgrading my gear. Life be taking it's toll on my shooting timr. Pristine vortex amg. Ebr7b reticle Mrad. No ring marks. Kept it wrapped in self adhesive athletic tape. Not a single scratch on it 1850 shipped obo. PayPal preferred. Friends and family or buyer pays the fees! Multiple...
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    KM Arbor press/ wilson 6.5 creed seater

    K&M arbor press. Several hundred rounds loaded. Great condition. Wilson micrometer seater 6.5 creedmoor. Great condition PayPal preferred. Friends and family or the buyer pays the 3%! 200.00 shipped for both.
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    Reloder 16 f/s

    Just like the title says 2-8lbs 5-1 lbs Both 8lbs are same lot # The 1lbs are same lot# Located in Dothan, Al. FTF only. Not even going to attempt a hazmat shipment. 475.00 for all of it or first best offer. If your close or know someone who is. Willing to meet within a reasonable distance
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    All sold

    All sold. Thanks all
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    All sold

    Up. Prime brass stillavailable. First reasonable offer gets it
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    auto trickler v2

    Up. First reasonable offer gets it
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    All sold

    Bullets sold