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    Black Friday Sales 2021

    I traded 2 atlas’s for a Ckye on the PX a month or so ago. Didn’t realize the Ckye would be much cheaper for Black Friday. That being said, I traded the atlas’s and kept the accupod. Save till you can buy what you want, and watch the PX bc a lot of folks will be selling their bipods due to MDTs...
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    Black Friday Sales 2021

    This is top notch. MDT has quality products and stands by their customers. Thank y’all for being a stand up company.
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    SOLD Sold

    Have not heard back from seller
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    SOLD WTT 2 Atlas Bipods

    Traded to @sachsmart
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    Reloading Equipment South Carolina Reloading Thread

    Have: 16lbs CFE223 8lbs Titegroup 3lbs Accurate 2230 100ct Berger 6.5mm 130gr VLD target 100ct Berger 7mm 180gr Hybrid 200ct Hornady 6.5mm 123gr ELD-M 3000 CCI BR4 (pending) Need: Varget N140 H4350 Berger 105 hyb Berger 109 hyb Berger 140 hyb CCI 450 Located near Anderson. Will trade at a 1:1...
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    SOLD WTT 2 Atlas Bipods

    If the package doesn’t trade for a ckye pod I’ll split it up for sale.
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    SOLD WTT 2 Atlas Bipods

    Would like to trade the following for a MDT Ckye PRS Short bipod with arca mount: 1. Atlas PSR with Area 419 arca clamp and barricade stop. Has rubber feet and spike feet. Purchased it new in may and have used it since so it has some wear but still in great condition. 2. Atlas BT10 with Gray...
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    SOLD Sold

    I’ll take it all. Pm sent
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6mm Bullets

    Blue collar has 108 elite hunters available. Better bc than a 105hyb
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    Gap Grind 2021

    Our squad held off for a few minutes Sunday morning when the heavy rain came down. We resumed when we were able to see downrange targets again. Easy does it, took maybe 10 min. there was no lightening that I saw other than before the range went hot, while getting gear ready in the parking lot...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS-WTT Brass/ Bullets/Dies/Powder

    I’ll take this: 400 Peterson 6.5x47 brass 1x 100.00 pm sent
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    Accessories Dasher Device / 6BR AICS Mag Loading Tool

    I’ll take one. Pm sent
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    SOLD US Optics and Bushnell for sale REDUCED Price

    Sold pending payment to Olympian
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: 6mm 110 ATips

    Always see em available at sportsman’s warehouse. They had 3 boxes on the shelf today. 82.99 each