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    What's On Your Wish List?

    Maybe a couple of 1st gen factory engraved Colt SAAs, as close to unfired as they get if we are making a real wish list.
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    WTS/WTT US Optics ST10

    @nervous pm sent
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    Ac joint separation

    I had a right shoulder open bankhart repair and capsular shift in 2002. It has never been the same since.
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    What's Your View II

    Decided to put some lipstick on this pig. Found a great deal on a new stock. Pretty slick little stock so far, but I believe a repaint of the rifle is necessary
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    What's Your View II

    Independence Day in NC?
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    WTS/WTT US Optics ST10

    @TKellogg MOA
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    What gun for subs?

    Everybody can cuss at me later cause I’m about to use the “R” word. I have a16 inch barrel Rem700 SPS Tactical in 300BO. For what the round is and what he wants to shoot(heavy/slow subs). Find yourself one of these guns and put some lipstick on it. I am more than happy with the one I have...
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    What gun for subs?

    Got a 300 blackout bolt gun. With 220 grain subs, it is scary quiet and fun. Don’t shoot it nearly as much as I used to but was fun when I did
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    Not Snipery but vintage

    Torn in the middle on this gun. It is an M1 carbine that I have had for years. I have others so losing one would not clear my small gathering of them. It is an IBM/AO production gun. I know IBM only made about 350k carbines with about 50% of those receivers proofed AO. Fairly small number in the...
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    Dumb questions ‘r’ us

    I’ll give you the answer but not the solution. I’d recommended exploring the site and learning what It has and how to find it. Your score 22-2-6
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    The OFFICIAL Sniper's Hide black powder / single action revolver thread.

    Colt Blackpowder I picked up a handful of months ago.
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    Anyone ever use their illumination?

    NV or low power setting used tons of times. Easy to slap a set of 14s on a carbine behind an optic and shoot low light. Did it “save” the shot, maybe no but sure has come in handy on many occasions for me
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    7-08 never gets any love