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    308 Tack Driver Gas Gun

    I am curious if you're basing this off your actual experience with LaRue guns? I've borrowed and/or owned 3 different OBRs over the years and have reload brass from each of them (Hornady/Redding FL Dies) and never had issues with the chamber flutes in terms of accuracy or reliability. In fact...
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    Aimpoint pro vs trijicon mro

    Aimpoint. Not all but a vast majority of MRO’s I’ve seen come through classes (probably 10-12 this year) have exhibited massive amounts of parallax. Here is a vignette: Back in the spring we had 4 dudes, all from one agency running MROs in a Night Vision Operator course and said “This won’t go...
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    Army M24 Build Thread

    Hey guys, came across this photo in the Company archives and thought it might be interesting to some folks. No dates or names listed but based off a quick exam, it’s a bunch of SF snipers (5th and 19th SFG) deployed to Afghanistan, probably circa 2010ish+/- a year. Of interesting note is the...
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    Leupold MK 5 Issues?

    I like the 7-35x quite nicely for ELR ish stuff, for just normal long range precision, or smaller rifles, I think it’s a bit much in terms of the foot print and I find the 7x just isn’t low enough. I Probably be happy with a offset MRDS but my normal go to mount is currently only in 34mm. I am...
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    Leupold MK 5 Issues?

    Ridgeline Training Center and the occasional SFSC Lv. II
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    Leupold MK 5 Issues?

    I can’t speak for the 5-25x Specifically but I’ve run the 7-35x for ELR since 2018, and the 3.6-18x for work, haven’t noticed (or heard) of anyone complaining amongst the competitors or students I’ve crossed paths with.
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    Distance and accuracy problem

    Yeah I'd say if you dial adjustments and the optic doesn't shift your POI check the tracking on your optic. What optic are you running?
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    Will rain affect MV?

    In short No. Humidity isn't going to have a perceivable effect on your ammo performance. The ES/SDs you're seeing is likely a factor of unidentified variables of internal balliectis. Straight out of the gate the two biggest errors I see is (A.) Trying to chronograph a gun with only 30 round down...
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    SPR/DMR matches: What are you running?

    So, having trained some of those dudes in the St. Augustine area, I've got a pretty good idea of what you up against. In the equipment department, that crew doesn't screw around. As others have pointed out, in any shooting sport you'll always have a percentage of people who are trying to "buy"...
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    M24 iron front sight base

    No that there is a Mk4 ER/T 6.5-20x M5A (from the M2010). I like the M2010, they look good and shoot even better but at 20-22lbs. all dressed up she a pig. The A3 even with a UNS, LA5 and suppressor is only at 16-17lbs. that weight makes a lot of difference when your humping ridgeline to ridgeline.
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    Adj. cheek piece question

    FTR?!?! LOL, BIG DICKS COMING THROUGH! Look FTR is just HP for the old and broken. :eek: No offense (well maybe just a little). Nothing wrong with pursing FTR if thats your thing but when you blade off the rifle in that "little green army man" pose and go nose to charing handle, you begin to...
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    M24 iron front sight base

    Well here are 3 of my M24s I've possessed over the years. My first M24 was a classic M24 hand me down that I inherited from my senior, unfortunately there are very few pics where taken of her (pre-smart phone days). This pic was taken on my finial shot at SOTIC by one of my instructors. You...
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    Adj. cheek piece question

    Yeah if your going to go all spacegun, then a side charging handle it the name of the game. Most of the cheek piece options out there are going to be farther back in order to prevent the blocking of the the charging handle and for the fact that a modern fundamentally sound prone position places...
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    M24 iron front sight base

    Lol, that random allen wrench that's specifically "not the size needed to slip the turrets" hits close to home. Additionally I think if you own a M24R, you should be forced to let 3 to 4 random dudes spray paint your shit, with the cheapest "not quite AO correct" spray paints available and then...