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    Reloading Equipment 69 and 77 SMK on sale @ midway

    I just ordered 69gr smk's from Midway yesterday at much more than what I payed for the 77 here at powder valley. I will make sure and call Midway to tell them how I feel about it on Monday morning. Think my shipment was sent out from Midway today.
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    Reloading Equipment Hornady 6.5 1x fired brass for sale plus other brass SOLD

    I will take your lapua 308 once fired brass. How do you take payment?
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    Firearms Sold - Accuracy International AT Covert package $4000 shipped and insured

    Holy freaking schnikys, that is an awesome gun. I searched high and low for one of them a few yrs back before I got my ax. Awesome rifles.
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    Reloading Equipment Bullets for Trade

    what do you want for the 75 and 87gr vmax's?
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    Reloading Equipment Brass

    What are you asking for used 44 mag? Is it once fired?
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    You gotta be joking
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    I traded in and out of GME all day today. Didn't make a ton but made a little. I keep hearing that GME is going up again tomorrow because the short sellers are not out yet. Stock is still to high. I put a little in AMC and was even, had one other one and lost some on that one. Had to get out...
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    I had some of that AMC this am and watched it start to burn me, ended up making a few dollars on it but got out before it hit 20.
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    I bought and sold some gme today. Didn't get crazy with it but made a little before it jumped like crazy in the late afternoon. I don't even want to think about getting greedy.
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    Accessories WTT: AIAX .308 Mags

    But if you don't, let me know
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    Accessories WTT: AIAX .308 Mags

    If you decide to sell, hit me up with a price.
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    Firearms Aiax short action small pin SPF

    what do you want for a 6br barrel? Who would the maker be and what are the specifics of it.
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    Reloading Equipment 87gr hornady hpbt 6MM

    I will take 500 of them. Can you take a money order? LMK.
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    Accessories AI Chassie

    That was a great price.