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    PSA berg 14r carbon barrel.

    First in my quest to figure out why the cold bore shot was so far off and as the day got hotter the groups were opening up to look like a shotgun blast. Tried all types of ammo and some helped but still had problems. So in getting the barrel ready for a suppressor i started checking runout and...
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    Firearms HK Psg1 Nib unfired

    Man i wish i knew they would go up in value that much would of kept mine and also the sr9tc. hine sight is 20/20.
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    SOLD Impact SA 737 Barrels, Bolts, and magazines

    if mags are for the 223 i will take both.
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    b14r barrel?

    anyone try removing the barrel [carbonfiber] from a b14r? and if so how hard was it to unscrew? thanks getting ready to try and face the muzzle break threads and maybe recrown.
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    SOLD Cobray M11A1 380/Lage

    would love to buy this but, i have so much stuff in jail now that if the same examiner were to pull up all my pending and add this to it, I would possible get a visit thinking i am starting an army! good luck.Stan
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    B14R magazines

    hope you are rite. just ordered 2 myself thanks!!
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    What would it be worth ?

    had a 17ccm at one time fun gun to shoot. never did anything really with it other than paper.
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    SOLD 6mm creedmoor type s match die set

    bushing with?
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    Firearms MOVED: HK SP89 9mm Pistol

    not really a bad price. they have come down from their high of 10k back in the obama years
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    accuracy past 150yards?

    Rite now i am shooting SK plus.
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    accuracy past 150yards?

    Oh yes fun.Got my as$ handed to me or i really embarrassed myself. Burned 1 into a steel plate rite next to the target i was suppose to be hitting [already had missed 3 times] got the correction,or so i thought and pulled the trigger on the target and still missed!
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    accuracy past 150yards?

    Ok is it me or the ammo?e I can shoot a 1 hole group at 50 yards, But as i go out past 150 the shots start flying. At 250 it is pull trigger and pray. If i correct for the follow up at that distance it might go over the correction. If it was wind i would say it should be horizontal, but it is in...
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    PRS Rimfire series, Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon comp for the rimfire shooters. practicescore has match description and reg should be up in a day or 2.
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    WTB Wtb: 223 Origin/TL3 prefit

    Rem 700?
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    Suppressors Suppressor Destruction

    rather than in a boating accident,for real. how about you remove the can to let it cool farther at the range and leave it? It did not happen to me but I was at a range and a shooter did leave the can on the shooting platform. i guess he remembered and came back about 10 minutes later. But if he...