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    .45 Colt 250gn Hi-Tek coated bullets.

    I havent tried them in the 45 colt yet but I tried them in my 44 mag handgun and I like them. My handgun is ported and I always got some leading that was a pain to remove I havent noticed any with the Hi-tek bullets
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    Powder for. 45 colt.

    I just recently started to relaod for the 45 colt. I dont use it for hunting and I really just wanted to duplicate some factory 250 coated lead and plated stuff. I found 8 and 8.5 grains of universal worked great. That seemed a tad stouter than the factory stuff but had the same POI, I didnt...
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    68gr vs. 75gr

    My testing mirrors RldrNewby. With the 68, 8208 and Nammo brass I thought 22.8 to 23.3 was where it was at. Out of an 18" the numbers for 23.3 was 2737 SD of 7.5 unfortunately I have exhausted my supply of 8208 so its back to Varget. The 75, 23.2 grains of 8208 in Lc brass ran 2680 and the SD...
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    Ultramax Ammunition

    Hornady 75 bthp, 23.2 grains of 8208 in a LC case gave me good accuracy, SD in the teens and velocity was 2670 fps out of an 18" barrel Varget gave me a little trouble using Nammo brass due to its low case capacity but 23.3 was accurate. I was also having chrono issues, velocity was in the low...
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    Ultramax Ammunition

    W748 could work, I tested it out with the 68/69 weight bullets and found it worked ok. For some reason I never tested it with the 75/77 weight bullets. AA2520 worked real good with both the 68/69 & 75/77 weight bullets, do you have any other powders?
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    60gr Tmk 223 won't group. Help

    One more thought, have you checked the seating depth in respect to the lands? If not with one of those fancy tools that I dont own, the split case method perhaps?
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    60gr Tmk 223 won't group. Help

    Is the tac charge high to anyone else? I only have the hornady data in front of me and it max's out at 24.7 with the 60/62 class weight bullets. (tmk not included). All the powders you mentioned are spherical and may work better with a magnum, or rem 7 1/2. But you obviously got the 2520 to...
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    Dear Larry

    man midway has always been pretty competitive with their pricing but recently the prices on bullets have increased 30% while other sites have not. for example the 55gr vmax is $28.99 per hundred while midsouth is selling them for $21.49, thats a big difference. The speer 55 speer tnt just went...
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    My latest package from Midway

    Ive had same problem with midway, and Its not just the carriers fault. All the need to do is put boxes of bullets into a plastic bag then put them into your box. I purchased some cast bullets from midway that I normally order directly from the manufacturer. When they come from the...
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    Load Opinions?

    not sure what brass your using but with winchester I use 44 grains of 4064 and 45 grains of varget seated at 2.820. So maybe try a little higher. Also you must have a longer barrel than I do (20") because my 4064 load shoots around 2660 and my barget load is 2650
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    147 grain in 308

    I agree with Doom & Cr1775, Ive only used the Hornady 150 fmj and I make it easy with a drop charge of 44.5 grains and W748. I use the IMR and Varget for other stuff.
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    Whats your favorite do all pistol powder?

    Universal because of the name
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    22-250 heavy bullets for coyote hunting.

    Im curious on velocity numbers out of an 18" 22-250. Also curious on percentage of unburned powder.
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    Ramshot Big Game

    Ramshot powders sometimes have an Accurate brand twin. Possibly AA2700 but Im speculating on this. See if the data is the same? Otherwise I would agree with jet-lagged about using the 165 data as a guide. In a bolt gun you should be able to tell when your getting into trouble.
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    Ramshot Big Game

    Im assuming bolt gun not semi?