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    Scope rings

    Putting together a rimfire for practice and maybe some NRL22 matches. I have a Bergara rifled action in a KRG Bravo stock. I have a 30 moa base and an Athelon Midas Tac 6-24x50. what kind of rings are you guys running and what size? I have Badger Ordinance on my center fire rifle. Do I need...
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    Noob basic equipment thread sticky

    What do you guys think about a sticky with basic information for noobs. I admit I am new to precision 22lr myself. It would be nice to have the basic equipment needs laid out. Like a scope where the parallax goes down to at least 25 yards. Or how much adjustment the scope should have. Why...
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    A rifle everyone needs

    Speaking of times changing, I looked up that scope. Wow. I can remember when the mil dot master was state of the art. It amazes me. One of the things I love about rifles is no matter how good barrels and actions get or how clear or technical scopes and ballistic computers get, a steady hold...
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    A rifle everyone needs

    I love these custom high dollar rifle companies. They push the boundaries and it trickles down to the more affordable rifles. Just look at the features available on factory rifles compared to ten years ago. when I first started as a sniper the options were basically a REM 700 customized or...
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Re: Good Guy List Stacey Blankenship (blanksguns on here) is probably on this list many times. I recently dealt with him on the purchase of an AI AE and found him to be excellent. Stacey is a true gentleman that cares about his customers. Anyone thinking of dealing with Stacey is in for...
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    Reloading 101: Reloading basics for the new reload

    Re: Reloading 101: Reloading basics for the new reload Sir, Thanks for taking the time to put this on paper. I am getting ready to reload and am first reading some books before I buy any equipment. You have given a me a lot of insight.