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    SCAR 20 6.5CM Performance?

    Get both. Then you can feed one or the other depending on ammo availability. 175 fgmm, and 140 eld's are my go to's. Excellent accuracy but loud. Shooting a TBAC 338 can currently. No clue why they bark so bad. I shot a 3 shot 4" group with the 6.5 last time I shot at 1200y, then ran out of ammo...
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    20S 6.5 optic search?

    I've got a mk 5 3.6-18 and a zco 4-20. ZCO hands down. Best scope I've had. The mark 5 is great but the higher end mag loses clarity, light and eye box. The mk5 5-25 is a much better scope but is huge. The ZCO feels like it was made for it.
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    Scar17 - Leupold, March, NF, or Zeiss?

    Keep it light. I have a leupold mk5 1-6 with 556 reticle. I sighted it in at 200y and the stadia work great out to 400y with my 150's. I limit the range as bullet energy is a limiting factor for hunting. If you want to play games and do some dialing the vortex razor 1-10 is hard to beat. I have...
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    Cut my SCAR 20

    Standard Illum TMR. Does the job fine for a 308. I really like the zco mpct3, but that lives on my 6.5.
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    Cut my SCAR 20

    I assume you are referring to the bottom rail. You could remove it and replace with the PMM mlok rail kit if you want. I sling mine sideways so have never had an issue. I wish pmm would machine the mlok more trim as it still protrudes far more than I like. I just put ladder covers on the pic...
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    Cut my SCAR 20

    With can, without can.
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    Cut my SCAR 20

    I ended up cutting mine down to 18". I think it's perfect now. Its balance is far better, less weight and accuracy improved too.
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    Field Optics Research Pro 39 mil

    I have a 32. Good points are the twist locks lock and unlock with little effort. However, even though the head works with both pic rails and arca, I scarred up a few pic rails thanks to the pic locking peg that sticks up in the center. I finally unscrewed the thing out. The top arca edges were...
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    Suppressors OSS for a suppressed precision gas gun?

    Im not sure. They increased the volume but I've heard they will perform better in this capacity.
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    Suppressors OSS for a suppressed precision gas gun?

    I've got the 556 and the 7.62 Ti. They work great for semiauto's. I don't need to adjust gas at all. The 556 is a little heavy, but I shoot it on a 12" so it isn't so noticeable. The 762 is quieter than my ultra 7 on my scar 20s. If I could do it over again, I think I'd go with the tbac dominus...
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    20 practical p-dog setup gas system length...?

    I've got a 22" 20 tactical with a rifle length tube. I shoot with a suppressor and a bootleg adjustable carrier and have the gas turned on full to operate. Makes no sense, but that's what works. 1-10 twist, 39g sierra bk. Smokes dogs though.
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    6 seat UTV’s and gun mounts

    I've got a Can Am HD 10. I have the same dilemma. I thus far use a small rifle bag hanging from the front passenger side dash grab bar. I keep an sbr/pistol. Nice, short, and maneuverable. I would like to attach it from the roof/bars but haven't settled on a method. I prefer to have it in some...
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    338 LM Options?

    I love my trg 42 but I have to single load my rifle as the magazine is too short. I ordered an mrad on sale but don't know when to expect it. The AXMC is hard to beat though. Other than that I think I would go custom build.
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    Everyday shoe recommendations

    I have worn Keen Durand's for probably 6 to 7 years. They are the longest lasting shoe I've ever had. Keen has a few select models made in the usa and they blow their other stuff out of the water. I wear mine every day and get at least one year out of them before starting to blow seams. Superior...