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    FL not playing around anymore with rioters

    DeSantis for Vice-President
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    Got the Ricin sender.

    So much intelligence amassed on this site, and yet at the same time,,,, there's so much adolescent ignorance located in this one small area. Sure makes a person wonder 'why',,,,,, but then we look at the 'education and media system' and it then all becomes clear. Have A Nice Day,,,,
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    Got the Ricin sender.

    I'm a Canadian, and I approve of this message. I shouldn't, but FAR too much is tolerated in this day and age.
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    An interesting read from a retired O-6 friend of mine...

    Totally off on another tangent, but I miss the writings and muses of Joe Mahon. He too could think, and write, and step-forth-and-accomplish!
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    Goodbye Kimber....

    Our condolences, seriously. And just a passing comment, but you have a LOT more sympathy, support, regret, care, and even love here in this thread about your pup passing, than "the masses" have expended here on this site with a multitude of threads, about a 'certain heathen bitch' (this is a...
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    Proud Boys - cause a riot by announcing a rally - troll level 100

    About time to outfit our vehicles with claymore's, so we too can call it 'reactive armour'.
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    Remember the guy that was arrested for brandishing weapon inside his home against BLM? Well this is why he was arrested, supposedly.

    So, what I hear you saying is.... now we gotta "Sling-Shot around the moon...."
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    Hey, did you hear the good news?

    so instead of the usual MIL/MOA question, I'll ask this one: Asystolic or Flatline?
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    Saint Kyle of Kenosha

    Quoted, just because it needed to be said AGAIN, and louder, and serious'er, and stronger, and repeatedly'er.
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    And the army wonders

    Next, you're going to say that it's the Air Force that goes in first, that way the captains of the ships know which direction to drive them boats. So as to actually get to where they're supposed to be. So the question is then, who shows the Air Force which direction to fly, and how? ;)
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    Wow, 6, make that 7 threads about RBG getting dead

    Because anything worth saying, is worth saying again, and again, and again, and again. Just like when you say: President Trump President Trump President Trump President Trump and Hitlery Clitdoom is NOT our President. (tell me THAT'S not good to say, too) [I'm a Canadian and I APPROVE of...
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    Positive Motivational Attitude

    Add to that, the RBG died today, and then there's REAL positive attitude. The US has turned a corner, and is on it's way UP again!
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    RBG dead

    2020 takes a turn,,,,