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    Kelby's Prometheus Action

    Have already preordered one for 300nm/338 build :). Will it work with aics ax chassis and 3850 cip single stack mag?
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    Kelby's Prometheus Action

    As i understand long action 338 will be available only with 35moa integrated rail? No option for 0°?
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    Thinking out loud, a reticle for the OEM crew

    NUff said, nuff shown, and there is a reason this is called NO#1...
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    That Loudmouth Troublemaker Is An FBI Snitch!

    Isn't it funny how fast one society transforms into a stasi like single think repression. As is evident most of the "far right" events are infiltrated by one or the other branch of US stasi establishment. They are probably even running Antifa and other troublemakers. I remember when i wrote a...
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    Range Report Hornady 147 ELDM blowing up

    Yesterday's session with little more temperature sure did wonders for group sizes @805 meters. Basically 0 moa as when barrel heated up Hornady kept exploding. On cold barrel (920mb, 20°C 41.5gr RS60, 260rem, 72.2mmCOAL, 2850fps) ammo worked fine and i got cold bore off, another shot as a...
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    Range Report Hornady 147 ELDM blowing up

    Something like that on the video from my rifle but much closer to the barrel and the weirdest thing fucking lead dripping bullet made it into the group @800m must tell the rest of the guys to move all 9s to 10 or X :).
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    Range Report Hornady 147 ELDM blowing up

    Well now it started more often here two by at least three shooters. I for one started new batch of bullets bought last year and there seems to be a pattern of 1-2/10 simply not registering at target (shotmarker). It might have been an issue beforehand but we were shooting mostly steel so...
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    You mean Bitcoin farming? What is this farming business you be talking about?
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    Proud Boy

    This is from "Totalitarism for dummies - original edition": Chapter II - how to rule, subsection Opposition, paragraph 2 "When would be dictator aspires to control population one must readily assemble opposition to himself. Appoint trusted persons (handling of trusted persons -> must see...
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    We are being lied to A full scope of videos on this topic with explanation that makes sense. Also from my experience in US you have prime quality of beef and pork (compared to our China imported pork shit -> basically all pork in EU is China sourced with...
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    BREAKING: FBI fears 'insider' attack at inauguration. Vetting all 25,000 NG soldiers in DC...
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    BREAKING: FBI fears 'insider' attack at inauguration. Vetting all 25,000 NG soldiers in DC...

    Next step they should clearly mark those vetted with blue ribbon and those not vetted with red ribbon. Also this should be expanded to all branches and units because inner enemy never sleeps...
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    Emotions are high...let's not assassinate Ferdinand again

    Not correct comparison as Ferdo was shot due to AustroHungarian empire occupied bosnia after Ottomans were thrown out and natives didnt appreciate that. Same conflict resumed in 1990+ and will continue i guess in the near future. For US the more applicable issue would be don’t implement new “...
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    Video of the shooting of our girl in DC

    You are unbelievable really and then you wonder why you are where you are. In early 2000+ i posted some insights from ex "commie" land and how US is turning into a shithole and most of you ridiculed and laughed. Then in early 2010 you stopped laughing (some of you) and figured out that you're...