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    The graph on this page is I think a better way to visualize what's going on. No messing with cause of death classification fudging, just a straight look at how many people are dying in the US every week and how that stacks up against the average...
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    Custom or Factory for New PRS

    It's not really a performance "gain" per se, since either gun will shoot well. What a better action gets you is something that feels a bit nicer in the hand when running, and likely will handle adverse conditions better (dust). That and the ability to order barrels off the shelf from a multitude...
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    Custom or Factory for New PRS

    GAP is a great rifle, completely capable and won't hold you back. Good value for money. However, if you are going to stick around in PRS and shoot a lot, my prediction is that you will eventually upgrade to a rifle built around a nicer action.
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    Custom or Factory for New PRS

    Coming from a background of a lot of PRS competition, for your stated goals my advice would be.... Choose a mainstream action that has prefit barrels available. Lone Peak, Impact, Bighorn TL3 would be the short list. Order a prefit barrel in the caliber of your choice. If you are building a...
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    6 Dasher stuck case issue

    One other piece of info for context, I’ve gone with chambers that are sized .4715 at the base so that sizing dies match up and provide adequate sizing. I had a chamber that was .4708 at the base and it was small, had a hard time finding dies. If your chamber is actually .468 it’s wicked small...
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    6 Dasher stuck case issue

    Yes, agree that it sounds like the base of your chamber is too tight for your old brass and your sizing die isn't getting it enough. There's a lot of spring back in the old brass so I'd want almost 1 thou of base sizing to get it to run properly in the new chamber.
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    6 Dasher stuck case issue

    You able to measure sized vs fired dimensions at the .200 line with the new chamber? Just wondering if that ring die got it enough. Getting your hands on a piece of new brass would be another good test to see if it was the old brass causing the issue or perhaps something in the chamber (though...
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    So many 6mm calibers to pick. Which one for PRS and why?

    Hard to argue with a straight 6BR for someone getting started in PRS and wanting an easy, accurate shooting round. Feeding with the straight 6BR is going to be pretty much the same as any of the the other BR based 6mm cartridges. Lots of guys go with 28" barrel to get a bit of speed back. FWIW...
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    Importance of similarities in a trainer rifle

    If you want to get into the weeds on the fiscal side of it, you do need to take into account the differences between consumable items (barrels/gunsmithing costs) and the longer term depreciation of other gun components from wear/tear/time. Barrels are a net zero cost, you'd be buying a new...
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    Importance of similarities in a trainer rifle

    I run a trainer, identical to match rifle but in 223, have done so for years. I think you can do a lot with dry firing your main rifle in terms of position building, transitions, familiarity with the handling of the gun, etc. I think you need to shoot something with muzzle blast and at least...
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    How do you guys clean the barrel chamber when using a bore guide?

    I clean the barrel with the bore guide in, during which some solvent leaks into the chamber. I clean the chamber second by pulling the bore guide, doubling up a large square patch (2 1/2 or 3" square) around the jag (Parker Hale style) and spinning that in the chamber to clean up the gunk and...
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    6mm BRA

    That's what I run, just trim off 0.090 instead of 0.080 to ensure you can bump the shoulder properly.
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    Sold Harris 6-9 Bipod w/RRS clamp, extensions, spikes

    Paring down some gear so selling one of my extra bipods. This is a pimped out Harris 6-9 SBRM notched leg hinged base bipod. It has been upgraded with the following KMW Pod Loc Lever Sawtooth Rifles clamp adapter RRS B2-40-LR Lever clamp Bipod foot adapter (screw on) Harris rubber feet...
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    Member verification- alanbarx or heatwelsh

    The fact that you even have to ask the question is answer enough. Don't do it, and as a general rule I would discourage WTB ads. They are a target for scammers.