For this place: Also climbed a few mountains, firearms instructor, land nav instructor, and some related stuff (commo, tactics) but childhood asthma, bad knee, stress fractures, etc. etc. so fundamentally BNDN because you don't want my broke ass on your team. Co-owner of CWG, which puts on FoF FTXs with many systems, including MILES. Ask if you want us to help your team, agency, company, or organization train.

Professionally: Steven Hoober wrote the book on mobile design patterns, and is best known for his ongoing research into how people really use touchscreen phones and tablets. He has been doing mobile and multi-channel design since 1999, designing the earliest mobile app store and the first Google mobile search for Sprint, several mobile browsers, many mobile sites such as, and apps for companies like Hallmark, US Bank and Cummins. Steven maintains a repository of mobile design and development information including all the content from the O'Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces at the 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki, regularly writes for UX Matters magazine, and UX Magazine, among other writing and speaking.