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    ATF suspends the "Q" cease and desist order

    Not sure Trump had anything to do with the initial BS. Could easily have been Obama-Biden left overs inside ATF trying to shake gunners faith in him. We are in fact seeing evidence of the kind of shit democraps have done to discredit, block progress and make several attempts to remove him from...
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    On this day, October 9, 1967...

    Aren't those the same dudes that killed Butch and Sundance?
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    Harris Bipods, "You have a problem?" "Let me help you."

    Can't afford more bipod cuz they paid $400 for a pair of "PRS pants". I admit to using Harris and I admit to having somewhere on the order of eight of them. Why? Well I'm just old as dirt and Harris was the only game in town when I needed one. I've tried three versions of Atlas over the years...
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    Eddie Van Halen Died... cancer

    By then I was working for the local telco. My memory of Elvis passing is that he broke the phone system for the whole southeast. Everyone had to call someone else and tell them Elvis was dead.
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    Eddie Van Halen Died... cancer

    Fact is we are both old farts. LOL I remember Elvis on Ed Sullivan and when he got drafted even though I was pretty young. Our little town had one R&R and one Country radio station. When I could sneak off with my transistor radio I listened to R&R but around my parents the only radio was...
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    Eddie Van Halen Died... cancer

    Different generation huh? Hell, I saw Stephen Stills get heckled by a bunch of young college idiots back around 1976. WTF?! I remember Jimmy Buffett opening as an unknown for some hot gal named Linda something. She's on social security or welfare of something now. Around 1983 I went to a...
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    Eddie Van Halen Died... cancer

    RIP EVH I'm ten years out on my cancer diagnosis. Every time I see this kind of news or lose another good friend to it I just can't help but wonder if I'll hear that diagnosis again some day. But then none of us will get out of life alive. I hate cancer!
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    ***SOLD***Brux Blank 30 Caliber HV 8 Twist

    Surely someone has a project for this blank.
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    Favorite Chronograph Poll

    Had the original Magnetospeed and the wheel on the side broke. Sent back for repair but bought a V3 while waiting and was happy until a buddy pressured me into a Labradar. Bottom line I never liked the Labradar and eventually sold it. The Magnetospeed is all I need. I trust it.
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    Project Veritas hits it out of the park again!

    They chop off body parts for acting like an Infidel. Also, "the law" they follow is their own. Omar has already been implicated in schemes to violate campaign laws. So far there has been zero penalty applied.
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    SOLD: 6mm Krieger HV 29.25" 1:7.5 blank

    PM sent. I'll take it.
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    Are you voting FOR Trump or AGAINST Biden?

    In 2016 I voted AGAINST HRC. Did not vote Trump in my state's primary. Once I saw he was, miraculously, going to gain the GOP nomination I knew I would have to vote for him. I did the same with the Senate race that replaced the now infamous Jeff Sessions. I voted for a person I knew was a joker...
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    AI - 308, twist rate? Right bullet

    I believe at some point the 11.25 twist was decided to be the "perfect twist" for 308. Sure do see a bunch of them on custom builds any way. I shoot the 185 Hybrid ahead of Varget for a muzzle velocity of 2,780 FPS. The barrel is a 26" 10 twist Bartlein 5R chambered by Tooleyand screwed on my...