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    Ramshot Magnum info.

    Hey, not a problem! I load to mag length. My throat is super long. Uh, didn't want to single feed. Loaded to mag length. Messed around with powder after that. Settled on 91.5 gr. Can't remember exact sd and es, but they are single digit. Have written down on target would have to look at it thgh...
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    New from Colorado

    Welcome, Lone Tree/Parker Area!
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    Ramshot Magnum info.

    I use RSM on my .338 LM. 91.5 gr = 2820 fps Berger 300 gr otm 28" proof barrel
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! May all have a pleasant day!
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    .308 Brass

    How many firings have you gotten so far? Thanks
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    Lightweight 14.5” AR15 build help

    BCM enhanced light weight barrels. Did I mention accurate. Can't go wrong with one.
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    Where can I find a Mark12 for sale ?

    There was a upper on gunbroker. Not sure if it's still there, but might look there. Also, believe Charlie's Custom Clones, had another in from PRI in fde. Upper also I believe.
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    Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!
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    Looking to sell 2 50 ct boxes. Just had back surgery, won't be shooting anytime soon. $100 to your door - PayPal F/F, MO
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    How many Biden voters here? Your guesses.

    Shouldn't be any, but there's always one! Lol
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    Colorado Police Defend Stand Down Orders

    Sounds about right for APD. Just like that let that cop get away with DUI.
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    telephone booths on Camp Pendleton

    Remember phone booths at MCT (SOI), on Pendleton. Back in 2000