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    Adjustable elevation rails, Cold Shot vs WR Precision

    You might also consider the Era-Tac version which is made in Germany; a very solid unit.
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    I need a in/lb torque wrench

    Like many above, I have run them all but use the Fix-It limiters the most. Any of the ones you list will do the job so it really depends on your budget. The reason I use the limiters is they are small and fit in my pack for use in the field if necessary. Some of the other types, like the Wheeler...
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    Charlie Tarac and Era Tac

    I use both if necessary however this is somewhat caliber dependent. As “Steel head” says, if the Era-Tac will give you enough elevation for the caliber AND distance you are shooting, it works very well. If you need more elevation and the caliber will handle the distance, then the TARAC is the...
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    Action screws - Big horn Origin

    Cutting action screw to length is no big deal especially when you don’t have a barrel installed. Leave the bolt out and look from the front of the receiver and you can see if it is too long and continue to trim as necessary. Just clean the threads up after cutting and before testing in the...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Par times.

    It’s been a few years since I shot an IDPA qualifier but as I recall anything less than 2 seconds was considered good. This was coming out of the holster and putting 2 to the body and 1 to the head on a silhouette target at 7 yards. I do remember that the really good shooters could do it around...
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    300 Norma Mag Bullet Puller

    I can’t answer your question about kinetic pullers directly but will say that I use the Hornady Collet puller for big 30s and 338s and have not had a problem with bullets sticking.
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    Accessories WTB Hensoldt Spotter 60 Picatinny Rails

    Yes sir, they are. Do you happen to have a couple you’d part with? Please LMK...
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    How accurate must the zero range be?

    And there is the surprise I little you could not shoot the difference.
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    How accurate must the zero range be?

    You’ve got a ballistic the numbers with a 100 yard zero and a 105 yard zero; you’ll be surprised. Now the distance for a scope tracking test measured to your turrets is another matter as are the inputs for your zero height and windage offset
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    Accessories WTB Hensoldt Spotter 60 Picatinny Rails

    In need of a couple picatinny rails for a Hensoldt Spotter 60. Please PM details and price.
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    Target Size for 1500-2000 yds

    When shooting at distance, there are other variables to consider. Wind and quality/consistency of your ammunition become more critical. At 3000 yards with my rifle and ammunition, the elevation variance is 3.15" per 1 fps of muzzle velocity and 46.6" of drift per 1 mph of wind. If I'm aiming...
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    Target Size for 1500-2000 yds

    Targets that are 1.5 MOA are adequate for most yardages beyond 1500 yards. We use 24” plates from 1500-1800 yards, 30” plates from 1800-2400 yards, 36” plates from 2400-3000 yards and 40” plates past 3000 yards. We also use MagnetoSpeed hit indicators on all targets 1500 yards and out. We seldom...
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    Optics 051421 SPF to Sig Marine PLRF25C For Sale

    I will take this per our conversation...Thanks