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    Firearms 2014 Accuracy International AXMC

    I am still short of cash right now. Following.
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    Rifle Scopes Team RCBS & Bushnell Introduction

    Profitable, but not profitable enough. Fixed it for you.
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    .22 Ammo

    Take the butt of your rifle and wack the bad guy in the head.
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    Rifle Scopes Team RCBS & Bushnell Introduction

    Just a suggestion. Many members here do care about where the scope is manufactured. Please keep the lrts, dmr and ers quality up and don’t make them in cheap factory.
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    Rifle Scopes Team RCBS & Bushnell Introduction

    Welcome! I will tell you the truth, better late than never. Happy to know we finally have a bushnell rep here.
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    Accuracy International Bolt Lift Weight

    And you polished the bolt knob?
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    Hello my name is Tikka and i endorse this post.

    I like tikka and steyr factory rifles over other brand because I can shoot sub moa with any factory match ammo or if I get 50 rounds from same lot ammo and weight/group them based on the ammo weight. Btw, I love my dta srs A1 and sako trg22 too. Saving $$$$ for a ai ax mc.
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    Barrel polishing

    Why not just do many of the members do here. Log your round counts. Figure out round count when the accuracy start to fall off. Then deep clean 50 round before average when accuracy drop. Figure out your barrel cleaning schedule. I usually just run nylon brush 2 times then 2 oil patch’s after...
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    Used to be a lot better CS. Given the current sh!t going on, I am not surprised with all the delay. Price is higher imho. I only order from Hk parts unless I can’t find it other place.
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    CZ 457 ProVarmint vs At One

    Agree. Just keep the original stock and swap out the atone stock if he wat to shoot base class match.
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    CZ 457 ProVarmint vs At One

    Just my opinion. I don’t have a Cz 22lr rifle. I bought a tikka t1x 22lr before cz457 came out. Here is break down of my build Rifle $450 AtOne t3 $210 Rail $60 Total $720 The biggest plus is I can upgrade and drop in any of tikka t3/x action into the atone stock I use for t1x. So, maybe...
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    Tikka T1X

    Try Use July20 for $20 off $100 July50 for $50 off $150 July100 for $100 off $300 July 4th sale.
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    Sako trg 42 bi pod question

    I have a trg bipod and it lock tight. I like it but the feet will slide on range bench w smooth surface. Give this one a try. It works for me for my trg22 and t3 sporter. I can use any of my pictinny bipod...
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    Good starting long range target rifle

    Can I have a real dirty magazine please? Not used. Just dirty.