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    PGW Timberwolf Sniper Rifle

    Beautiful rifle lone_soldier, may ask what bipod that is, looks alot like the old Steyr model minus a spigot mount. Actually it looks like you are using a spigot adapter?
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    Parker Hale M82 Clone

    I'll have to take some pictures of my C3A1 and see if I can post them, it has the McMillan stock and a Cadex scope mount that I installed a Schmidt & Bender. Shoots really quit well out to 800 yards, haven't been farther than that with it.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Help me pick next handgun

    I think if you have a chance, try a Steyr m9a2, the feel of the grip is quite amazing, the Walther pdp is equally good also.
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO 2-16

    I don't know if feasible but since I'm daydreaming how about a pair of binoculars with a reticle, a spotting scope with a reticle, or maybe just offer an eye piece with reticle for another manufacturer's spotting scope? I can dream can't I, lol...
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO 2-16

    Some flavor of lpvo, true 1x-? for shootingwith both eyes open, dual focal, red-dot in the second plane with a scale in the first. No idea on tube size or erector set, whatever to make it work?
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    Chinese S&B PMII horrible clone

    Wtf is the phillips-head screw in the side of the center housing for, is that what's holding it together? 😆
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    Movie Theater Dune - new trailer

    And sfx abilities have finally caught up to be able to show on the screen what we read in the books, really excited to see this, hope the script and acting are up to the visuals!
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    Movie Theater Dune - new trailer

    I like what I see so far but then again I liked the 80's movie too, 😆
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    Doing something wrong

    Beautiful rifle setup, any chance you could post up some pictures of the AX50, I've never seen one in the wild so to speak.
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    PGW Timberwolf Sniper Rifle

    Interesting, curious as to why they purchased them, were AI's is short supply at the time?
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    Parker Hale M82 Clone

    Beautiful work! This inspires me to get mine finished.
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    Is the corrupt media showing whats going on in Cuba and South Africa?

    I haven't seen any major reporting, I only learned about it the latest from people posting videos on facebook. Honestly after watching I couldn't tell what was different about today from any other day, riots, looting, murder, ect...
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    How to mount a night vision without helmet?

    Didn't the British military and maybe also the US military develop a special helmet or new turban for Sikh soldiers? I googled and came up empty...
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    300 winchester magnum

    Drive safe, don't rape!
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    Austin continues to suck harder.

    You sure are trying hard to carry the water so to speak for the "protesters" between thsi and everything you've posted since. There is multiple alternative sources for the true story available unless Google is to hard?