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    Reloading Equipment RCBSMatchmaster Competition FL Bushing SET .308 Winchester - SOLD

    For sale NIB $150.00 Shipped via paypal f&f.
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    6.5CM 120-130 bullets for 16” and speeds

    sboone, I've tried both H4350 and Varget - 39.6 of varget got me 2845 fps with sd: 6.4. 43.5 of H4350 got me more speed (2888 fps with SD: 3.3). Work up both powders. COAL: 2.765 for varget and 2.760 with H4380. good luck.
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    Sgt. of Arms have the ARCA Handguards on hand:
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    There goes Readiness

    Currently, no coronavirus vaccine is fully approved by the FDA, but three were given emergency use authorization by the agency. The DOD cannot mandate taking the shot unless it's approved by the FDA.
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    There goes Readiness

    just saw this - Commanding General issues new guidelines.
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    Reloading Equipment Hornady 6mm Creedmoor Brass (primed).

    I have 40 pieces of primed Hornady 6mm Creedmoor Brass for sale: $46.00 shipped - Pay Pal f&f. Originally bought the wrong Ammo. However, kept the bullets and powder and have 40 pieces of brass up for sale.
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    Needing 6mm ARC load with H335 starting point

    The latest update has 6mm ARC.
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    Cabelas new business opportunity

    Same story at the Bass Pro in Myrtle Beach. Walked out of the store.
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    Bill Would up NFA Tax 50% as Feds Study Turning Pistols to SBRs
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    Mighty Armory Dies and Lapua Brass

    My Mighty Armory die came with both Pins ( .074 and .057 supper duty pins and a pointer). I always De-cap before sizing. I use the Redding Universal De-capping die with the .057.
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    Range Report Berger Loaded Ammo

    I've bought the Berger 185 Juggernaults and they shot really well in my Tikka T3X. I've started reloading them and this was as close as i can come to the commercial Bergers.
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    Suppressors Attention all AAC owners

    That is one thing I can confirm. Zero shift. I take mine off for storage/cleaning/transport. Plus use it on weapon systems with no change ones I put it back on. At present time I have two suppresser's: The ACC SDN-6 (hellfire attachment) and an Crazy Panda by Q. Both systems of attachment...
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    Suppressors Attention all AAC owners

    i shoot suppressed all the time, so i can't say about PI Shift. But my grouping are great. i use it on my 308, 6.5 creedmoor & Grendel and now on my Savage 10 6mm ARC.