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    Nighthawk Warhawk Recon - 45 ACP

    Any trades?
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    WTB Remington 700 Bolt

    Looking for an unmodified, factory Remington 700, right hand, .308 BF, complete bolt assembly. Thanks, Shayne
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    Small Bino pack

    Marsupial gear
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    BNIB Zermatt/Bighorn TL3 Bolt Knob

    Brand new “Tactical” style bolt knob for a TL3 (1/4x28). $50 shipped.
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    BNIB Kestrel Sportsman

    Sold. Funds received and shipped to buyer.
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    (SOLD) GAP GLADIUS (6.5 Creed) Lowered price, better pics.

    It’s a GAP Gladius chambered in 6.5 cm, with Badger bipod rail, and two mags. What more do you need to know?
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    Please Delete I have no affiliation with this person. Just saw it the other day.
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    Please Delete

    I remember seeing one posted local. Standby
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    leupold mark5 hd 899

    I hear ya. I’m sure someone will hook it up.
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    leupold mark5 hd 899

    Just a heads up, there are a couple in the classifieds brand new the last time I checked