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    What is considered good offhand accuracy at 100 yds?

    I like "almost cheating" at 200yds...With my PRS rifle, it's downright "challenging".
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    Range noise suppression

    Maybe it's not a noise issue, but a concern of a stray projectile striking their residence. Is there a berm separating their property from the line of fire? I'd be kind of worried if my house was parallel to the line of fire....
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    Something is wrong with my M1A

    The connector and mounting bracket need to be moved "outboard" a bit more. It may require relieving the bracket or inside the stock to get it to clear the side rail of the receiver. Sometimes it needs clearance where the connector is at the front of the receiver. The M1A has a wider side rail...
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    .308 reloading

    I've been shooting Nosler Custom Competition "blems" for quite a few years. Some lots the base-to-ogive is consistent, some are very inconsistent. Regardless, my RCBS seater die keeps the cartridge base-to-ogive consistent. I've never had an issue keeping them decently accurate up to 1,000yds...
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    .308 reloading

    That's really poor QC, I am amazed.
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    Midrange Prone AR Tactical class

    I remember IDPA's infancy in the early 1990's they had a running list of "approved" holsters. Eventually, the list got so ridiculously long they dumped it to specify features that were/were not approved.
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    Midrange Prone AR Tactical class

    I think the NRA is just trying to generate more interest in High power competition that is basically dying a slow death. F-class is doing ok, but the number of people shooting Midrange prone with Service Rifle or Match Rifle is getting smaller every year. They figure people like to shoot...
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    Midrange Prone AR Tactical class

    Well, at least the rulebook says what "tactical" isn't.... Solid, adjustable and/or rigid rests of all kinds are prohibited. F-Class-style rear bags with “ears” are prohibited.
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    Midrange Prone AR Tactical class

    I recently started "dabbling" in the prone tactical AR class. The local clubs treat it like the SR guys doing prone practice.
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    .308 reloading

    Maybe Berger's are better, but SMK and Nosler all have different "tips" on their Hollow Points. However, their Base to Ogive is consistent. Tips get bent or smashed, so use a comparator at the ogive and don't worry about a few thou on the OAL.
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    Springfield M1A

    l have been using Ron Brown slings and find them to be superior to Turner’s. The frogs and riveting is identical, but the leather is much better and less prone to stretching out after a few years of matches. The keepers are extra thick and don’t ever wear out.
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    Good Deal Alert 224 77gr Hpbt bullets from midway

    I’ve used thousands of the Nosler CC “blemished” without issues...sounds like improper seating.
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    FL bushing sizing die & trimming shit-show...

    Not a safety concern but more of an accuracy concern. Wouldn’t the pressure of the decapping pin alter the shape or “crush” the priming material and potentially affect accuracy with inconsistent ignition ?
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    Es, SD and accuracy confusion.

    Ok, kind of like Newberry's OCW? It explains why a test load I tried at 1k that has an SD of 35 still had a fairly flat elevation dispersion. The three high impacts were sighters.
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    Springfield M1A

    I dunno, but I don't seem to have issues with my M1A in the 10 years or so that I've been using it.....Somewhere around 5,000 rounds through it now.