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    Ammo WTS: one 500 round case .308 FGMM 168 grain

    1000.00 shipped or trade considered for NIB Glock 48, HK pistols, Proof pre-fits for AIAT, or Thunderbeast .30 cal suppressor on form 3.
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    Ammo WTS: one 500 round case .308 FGMM 168 grain

    One sealed 500 Round case of Federal FGMM 168 grain .308 ammo. 1030.00 Shipped CONUS
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    My new SeaBee

    My son graduated his A school yesterday from SeaBees.. I was not able to attend his boot graduation ( Covid) and same for this one.. I was accepting a letter of recognition for him today from the local VFW chapter and FaceTiming him when the call dropped.. I looked up, cussing AT&T ( more bars...
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    SOLD Bartlein .30cal m24 1-11.25twist blank

    Sorry I was reading post description and not post header..
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    Ideas for camouflaging surveillance camera

    I have used a 40oz old english 800 plastic bottle with brown paper bag and deer camera slipped inside with a small window cut in bottle. Works amazing around dumpsters and alleys.. let me see if I have a pic.
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    WTB Wtb: Footmans loop for Magpul PRS

    Need the Footmans loop for a Magpul PRS stock . Has the QD socket built in. Looks like this.
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    Firearms HK MR556

    Free bump
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    Accessories Looking for : AIAT barrel

    Still looking, need 16 ish inch barrel
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    Accessories Looking for : AIAT barrel

    Looking for an AIAT 16.5 inch .308 barrel threaded 5/8 x24. New or likely used. Black please.
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    Night Vision NV and thermal kills...

    She died with her foot in her mouth.