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    SPF - 5.11 Rush 12 Backpack - Like new - Gray / Black - $60

    Sold Pending Funds 5.11 Rush 12 Backpack - Like new - Gray / Black color. This pack is 2 months old and in new condition. Asking $60 shipped to your CONUS address. Paypal "friends and family", face to face in San Diego, or cashier's check please. Post here and PM if you want it. Thanks!
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    SPF - HSGI Padded Sure Grip Battle Belt - Coyote Tan - Medium - $50

    Sold pending funds Selling one size medium HSGI Sure Grip Padded Battle Belt in coyote tan. Ive owned it for about a year and used it for 2 classes. No tears, rips, or major signs of use... it is in great shape. This is just for the outer padded belt so you will have to supply your own inner...
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    Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10x

    Looks promising. Hopefully the mag past 6x is clear and doesn’t get all wonky.
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    Kestrel Help - Incorrect output

    I’ve owned an ABM Kestrel now for a while and have noticed a couple issues recently. I got a target load dialed in for my 7mm RSAUM and got a good 15 shot average velocity. I input all the data into the kestrel link ballistic program and sent it to the...
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    PENDING SALE - LMT MWS Upper Receiver W/ 16" SS .308 Win Barrel + PA Hypertap Brake

    SALE PENDING LMT MWS CQB quad rail upper receiver with charging handle + 16" LMT MWS Stainless Steel .308 Win barrel - 5R - 11.25 Twist - Precision Armament Hypertap Brake This was my spare upper for my LMT MWS (large frame). The upper and barrel are in great shape, the total round count on...
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    WTS - Post 2014 AIAX Barrel - 6.5MM SLR - 8 Twist - Bartlein 5R

    Its for the post 2014 (Quick Lock) equipped short action AIAX series rifles. I believe.... not 100% sure, it will fit the earlier AIAW rifles also... maybe someone who sees this can confirm.
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    Very nice kit, have any left?
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    WTS - (2) Timney Calvin Elite 2-Stage / RH / Straight Blade Rem. 700 Triggers

    BOTH SOLD I have two nearly new Timney Calvin Elite 2-Stage / RH / Straight Blade Rem. 700 Triggers for sale. Both units were purchased shortly after the beginning of the year and were hardly used. Both work flawlessly and have no major signs of use or defects. Asking $120 shipped for each...
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    White oak barrel vs ?

    Have owned a few Rainier Arms Ultramatch barrels, a Lilja, factory direct Krieger, a Craddock turned Bartlein, several BCM hammer forged and SS barrels and currently own a Craddock Bartlein and a WOA SPR barrel. These two have been the most consistent barrels as far as ammo selection and...