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    Science Going Too Far?

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    Night Vision Raccoons

    YES ... BUT .. that linage of prehistoric equine/horse went extinct with Ice Age . Whereas the N. American Possum is the HardaAss Motherfucker who overcame and is livin the good life. He don't need to to be no EuroTrash transplant. - - .
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    Night Vision Raccoons

    LOL ... Well .. Being that the Possum is the only marsupial native to North America Continent . I think it's the Equine that needs to harden-up overcome and adapt, being that the Horse is the outsider species to North America . .
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    Single barrel whiskey is a scam. Fight me.

    I love good sipping Tequila, and it is as tasty favorable sipping as some of my Scotch Whiskey's . I keep my good Tequila I hand picked, on the shelf under my Single Malts and sip them from a nice crystal Waterford, same as I do scotch. Done a few distillery tours in Mex. on Tequila way back in...
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    @ 5 yr. old .. Kid also does nice drum cover of VH jump ....LOL . -
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    I like the way this woman thinks.

    ... "As of July 1, people will be able to buy handguns from private, non-licensed sources such as websites, gun shows, and individuals without a permit or background check ." - Brings a citizens private sale or purchase of firearms back to being personal choice and responsibility . It's Not any...
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    Scam calls

    Car Maintance Waranty Plan ... They are just fucking relentless, Every time I push #one to opt-out of the call list, the Robo Dialer machine just keeps using different area codes and numbers to keep on calling me again and again and again and again ... 3 to 4 times a week.. In it's relentless...
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    🚨BREAKING: Active shooter at South Boulder CO. King Soopers grocery. Officer down. Multiple victims. SUSPECT CAPTURED: AHMAD AL-ISSA

    So ? .. has the ISIS lover's facebook/social media accounts all been Scrubbed ? Any screen shots or other items of his social media history been saved and posted, before the cleansing ended ? .
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    Starlink and the forthcoming Great Exodus from the Cities into Rural America

    - What will be funny and fitting .. if it all is triggered-off by some low orbit, POS, ChiCom Space trash .... LOL -
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    Starlink and the forthcoming Great Exodus from the Cities into Rural America

    - Cause and Effect ... LOL . . spaceX wants to contribute 12k more objects for low orbit Pinball . -
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    Cat - Broke Leg

    Last time my Cat got abscess on leg . Was from stalking and fighting with full sized Squirrels and the Rodent sunk it's big front teeth into him . Squirrels are nasty infectious biting, but the Cat's cant help themselves and will not stop fucking with them . my Vet bill was not bad, was little...
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    Dirty Diane Feinstein at it again

    According to GOA info, the list is long . but Dem. or Rep., they are all in the end the same party, all the same Party subsidized-$ whore, all suckling the same Ballsack . Roy Blunt (R-MO) Richard Burr (R-NC) Shelley Capito (R-WV) Bill Cassidy (R-LA) Susan Collins (R-ME) John Cornyn (R-TX) Joni...
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    Kyle Rittenhouse's trial set back until November.

    - Post trial Riots are just strategized for sweet icing on the cake . Delay of the Rittenhouse trial is elementary school level of strategy by Media, and a dictated agenda for them to follow . Your political powers are not wanting the Derek Michael Chauvin 24/7 syndicated broadcasting show...
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    Night Vision Pulsar HD19A LRF

    I had high hopes, but that LRF is a BIG piece of shit for use at night . I gave it a thorough testing for several nights hunting with LRF mounted on side of a hog saddle on tripod . On it's advertised performance, the manufacture is a fucking liar. .
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    Maggie’s OMFG I need one

    Badass Go Cart ... LOL . . My brother used to build 2 litter Alcohol burner VeeWee's , The short run, and Torque was pretty mean in the 1/8th mile . Scared the crap out of me anytime it got over 100 MPH in that tuna cans . Was not the speed but aerodynamics and shape of the Bug body . Those...