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    City Removes Urinals in Remodel of Portland Building

    funny they Not mentioning ???? . the way things work here are.. , What did Portland City actually spend on Consulting Fee's-??? (who was paid ) before even coming to the starting decision to Remodel and the spending of $195,000,000 .00 Also ... They Will go Over Budget . .
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    NV and thermal kills...

    Out last night, wind blowing cold but got off my lazy ass before the Moon started to get any bigger. Went out drove and hiked into a hill pasture and setup on the Moon shade-side of a big scrub patch . Started calling with Chicken Distress, because I been getting pretty good return on that sound...
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    Range noise suppression

    In front of your Shooting bench . Hang a small stack of used Auto tires, that are joined together to make a tube shape, hanging in front of bench, and pointed at your Target and berm . Place your muzzle end of barrel just inside the stack and pull trigger . For a fact, It is the Most effective...
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    OR. #109, will be passing in ' Flying Colors'..

    ( FYI ) , This year 2020 Oregon vote for Measure .. # 109 Oregon State Government wants to create another bureaucratic State run agency. To own and control Psilocybin Mushrooms . They are starting out stating a ( 2 year Developmental period ) . for the State licensing, manufacture and delivery...
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    Top Gun: Maverick

    Good they holding release back. I want to relax and see it at IMAX . If our governors Covid political theatrics will be played out by then ? who the fuck knows. Maybe I won't be seeing it ? .
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    12 Gauge, Ammo Management

    12 Gauge, Ammo Management Securely carry those 12 gauge rounds, In The Gear Bag Or The Pack . .
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    Barrel Bags and Bolt Pouch

    UP to top . .. for your Barrel and Bolt, carry and storage needs . Barrel Bags, come in ( 3 ) colors ... Black / Coyote tan / Multicam .
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    Lens heater for condensation

    Same here in OR. and always high humidity here. everything is dripping wet on cool night if there is no wind blowing , ( surface moisture collects) all gets a good wet fog-over on the lenses of both, rifle scope Ocular, Clip-on and peq's. The Heater looks cool idea . but 1st thing pop's in my...
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    If you did mail in voting...

    - Same way down South in Oregon, it's the ONLY way the State allows you to vote. ( Mail-in and Drop Box ) And not that Oregon is even taken seriously relevant in any political Nation election equation to it's outcome. I don't think that Oregon State is even relevant at all for the vote count...
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    Loads for 300 win mag

    that is pretty light for the 300WM . same what ( glock63 ) said .. 150 grn. weight Reloader 22 and go higher into 76 grain . BUT ..If you bump up to heavier though, like 180 to 190 weight . Drop it down at, 72 grain Reloader 22. and start there for work-up . .
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    Removing odors from Gore Tex

    LOL... seen that plenty with guys hunting and a lit cig. hanging out of mouth . smoke of smoldering vegetation and wave you cloths threw it to pick it up, is the best cover for game. .
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    Removing odors from Gore Tex

    my coyote hunt cloths when start getting smelly . I just run a water Only cycle threw the 'empty' wash out machine . Then I throw my stuff in wash and use just plain baking soda and wash, then just hang outside to dry. .
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    my 1st Male Karen today

    my 1st Male Karen today. This is not Portland, but just a quiet little town 25+ miles away . Was by the inside of local post office, going to mail a package today . I had my mask on but it was under my nose. A guy walks in behind me real close to me...
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    my 1st Male Karen today

    . especially not, when standing on Federal property. .