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    Prime Update Video

    Wont let me embed it here but an update on prime I just saw on facebook. https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIwMjk0/prime-ammunition-speaks-out-officially
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    Since it seems slow I'll stir up some conversation: 6XC vs 6.5 Creed

    I snagged a rem 700 at a decent price so I've got a new decision to make. I think I'm going to go remage and do it all myself and everyone seems to have a glowing opinion of criterion so I'm limiting myself to options they have. I have just invested in...
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    6 Dasher brass forming (and then 115 RDF testing)

    So I know this is basically pointless since Im only forming brass for another 120 rounds with this but still gives me my entertainment. False shoulder plus a healthy bullet jam. Even the lowest loads are giving me brass to the same blow length so Im...
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    My turn for an annoying "which action" thread

    God I cant believe I am making this thread. BY now I figured I would have made up my mind but Ive preferred a different one each single day. Whats prompting me So... my cousin bought an Impact and Im having a serious case of...