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    I think it is ridiculous bullshit too... but you nailed it. Below is the Logan Police Dept press release....I know it’s a lot of words and no dick pics... sorry guys. PRESS RELEASE On September 23rd at approximately 5:30 P.M. School Resource Officer Chris Smith was working a special duty...
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    Maybe.... but she was from the visiting team... so that would be awkward 😀🤔
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    I believe if you dig into the story a little more it is trespass/resist arrest. Law or no law... if the school asked her to leave she needed to leave.
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    COFFEE IS READY. Smell the rich aroma of the dark roast?

    I’ve got one too. Had it for about 15 years. Never got around to getting it fixed. Abdominal surgery always seemed like it would be slow to heal.
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    Jumping in, help me spend $4-6K

    Thanks... I’m no operator either. I’m gonna rethink my setup.
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    Jumping in, help me spend $4-6K

    @TheHorta.... looking back on this thread with the pictures you posted are you concerned about bashing the TOR on stuff since it is mounted on the bottom?? I immediately think of throwing the rifle on a pack or a branch... and CRACK... bye bye TOR... I mounted mine on top because of that. Is...
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    RED ALERT: Lancaster PA. BLM blocking streets. Police station surrounded and at epicenter. PROTESTS POPPING OFF IN OTHER CITIES.

    Hi! I’m allergic to Marxism...can I substitute with some pandering politicians?
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    TNVC and Steiner Introduce a New Very Affordable Feature Rich C1 IR Laser!

    I just got mine. Up until now I just used my “14” for navigating. However, the I gottahave bug bit and I convinced myself that I needed an ir laser. I didn’t want (or need) these big things on my rail and wasnt gonna spend 2000k-ish on a MAWL. It’s small, compact, and lightweight and puts a...
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    What’s the dumbest thing you EVER bought....besides the diamond ring for your ex, we all hate her too.

    I think I’m fixin to spend waaay to much on some 6.8 ammo.
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    Plate Carrier Recommendations

    Oh sweet jeezus... that is some fuckin quality kit right there
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    Mob fires on vehicle in Utah

    sorry to divert but can someone point me to this discussion of fast packs and such... I came up empty.
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    What's next----Toothpaste?

    Master of Puppets? I will totally lose my shit. My Masters degree? I guess I’ll turn it in for an exchange of a “built on the backs of the oppressed” degree....because of course...I didn’t earn that.
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    What's next----Toothpaste?

    If Pale Rider is targeted next then the gloves will come off..😀😀
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    What's next----Toothpaste?

    The virtue signaling is getting a wee bit out of control. The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) wants to remove the word “Master” from the description of the main bed/bath. I didn’t think the level of stupidity could get any higher.
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    HAM radio and a new house build

    Lots of good stuff here to discuss with the contractors...