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    Night Vision SOK's TigIR Z6+ Initial Review + Video

    I do remember.... And had the same complaint. Some clarification on Tig.... Image size doable for viewing from rear end for dedicated spotter role? I.e not like UTC Can this unit act as stand alone? If so reticle type....First focal? Mil based?
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    Night Vision SOK's TigIR Z6+ Initial Review + Video

    What is the FOV of the Tig unit? Also when power off does it convert back to default settings or does it stay on current settings (brightness/contrast settings, auto nuc on/off)?
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    Ranging at night, but on a “budget”

    U love it now.... Wait till you get a distant mover in front of you.... Stay on rifle, constant ranging, fast return..... priceless!
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    Ranging at night, but on a “budget”

    I can see the smoke rolling off your head from here, trying to decide..... So I'll offer my $.02. The radius flat out works. Considering the affordable price tag, it's a no brainer in my book. The chances of it having a problem and breaking are very small. There is not many reports of issues...
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    Night Vision Range Finders

    Hmmm.... interesting. Before hornhunter mentioned this (Dima1000), my answer was nothing. For dynamic situations like coyote hunting and at the price point, nothing comparable to the radius. This new option could be a possibility, will have to check out further. If you are okay with...
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    Night Vision Range Finders

    Hear ya on that.... Jump out of truck to shoot some yellow. Multiple sound off on near hillside. Forgot to close the barn door while grabbing for rifle. Ten below temps reminded me later that the boys were still exposed. New meaning for nature call😆
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    Night Vision Range Finders

    Yes, good point! In the heat of the moment I went with the big number (primary). Cause this was a Wiley one, so was not hesitating. So, didn't even look at the secondary or tertiary. When I went back and ranged again after the kill there was only primary read of 249 and no secondary/tertiary...
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    Night Vision Range Finders

    Your goals: 1. Coyote size 2. Nighttime 3. 800 yards 4. Flat open terrain 5. Reliable 6. Sounds like leaning toward budget friendly Listening to your needs, I think the radius would fit your requirements list. If you get a good working radius you will be able to range 12" steel to...
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    Cold affecting accuracy

    In my experience....yes. I have no evidence, only observational data that temperature definitely affects accuracy. In agreement with your questioned observation that colder temperatures lends itself to better accuracy. My theory would be increased rigidity of the barrel and dampening of the...
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    Range Report Tubb nose ring tool

    Any terminal ballistics data out on this yet?
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    Let’s talk about the 6.5 prc and how to build one.

    Ptg DBM M5 3.715 Mag OAL. .300 win mag 3.715 Mag OAL 5 round mag. I think it was an Accurate mag, if I remember right. Sold gun long ago and can't find records of mag.
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    Setting up a fast 6.5 with heavies

    Any recommendation for 6.5 optimized for a 7 twist?
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    1:7" twist in 6.5mm...what's it for?

    From what I've seen, I believe barrel temperature is part of the equation. I'm running a 26" 7 twist 4 groove 6.5 PRC pushing 150 SMK @ 2940 and 153 Atip @ 2995. Accuracy is phenomenal with both, when things are running right. Able to blow either bullet up, just give me a hot summer day with...