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    Dad accidentally kills 11yo daughter on hunting trip in TX

    Actually I am not sure I didn’t consider it could be a lever action, but at least with a lever action he could have slowly dropped the hammer to ”decock” it.
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    Dad accidentally kills 11yo daughter on hunting trip in TX

    So he clears the chamber by cycling the bolt twice thinking he just unloaded the remaining two rounds doesn't actually pull the bolt back to look into the chamber to confirm thinks he good to go and pulls the trigger to decock the rifle all while covering his daughter........Wow I am not going...
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    The Armed Attorneys

    I don't see how this piece of shit is still breathing.......
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    Smash and Grab at Home Depot

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    Smash and Grab at Home Depot

    I don’t feel sorry one bit for these big “woke” companys fuck them this is the stupidity they have been voting for……Support BLM they said….it will be good for business they said…lol I hope this continues until they wake up or go bankrupt which ever comes first!
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    It’s means you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in any election because you’re to stupid to know what it means!
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    Smash and Grab at Home Depot

    I saw a news report yesterday about this new trend for a mob of thugs to hit stores overwhelm "loss prevention team" and make out with hundreds if not thousands of dollars' worth of goods. The greatest part was the liberal news caster acting shocked about these young minority thugs doing...
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    THOT shot in the twat

    Georgia once again making the South look like the South…..thanks GA!
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    How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

    Second year I smoked two chickens instead of a one big turkey…..much easier and manageable and they taste just as good or better.
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    Arbrey trial verdicts in

    If someone comes in a house you are living in uninvited your probably safe to blast away…….a house not being lived in under construction your gonna have some explaining to do…..IMO