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    So they got some of our weapons, but how long can they feed them?

    As the title ask.....So they got some of our weapons, but how long can they feed them? My guess would be for a pretty long time as I am sure they probably have shipping containers with pallet loads. I believe the upper escalon of the US military...
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    Common sense ROE this shits over in a week!

    A dozen C-17s full of our best guys with common sense ROE this shit would be over in a week….PROVE ME WRONG!
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    Do you think I give a fuck about feelings……lol

    This old vet doesn’t give a shit and damn it’s refreshing!
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    Just another day in da neighborhood!

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    Juneteenth Federal Holiday Effective Immediately..........Hell Yeah!

    Funny how when they want to throw a bone at a certain segment of society they can get it done almost instantly, but when it comes to anything meaningful that will actually help it takes forever in a day..........Oh well I guess bank employes are loving...
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    Leader of the free world has brain freeze

    This is just getting sad and scary at the same time!
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    What to make of UFO's?????? Pentagon set to release unclassified UFO report!

    What to make of these new current UFO videos the pentagon has released? My first instinct is not to believe anything that comes from the government. One report says they think it could be some new hypersonic technology developed by Russia or China that...
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    Pushing the speed limit! When do you back off? What pressure signs?

    I am wanting to see how fast I can push my 6.5CM with Hornady 135gr A-Tips. I am up to 2840 FPS with 43.4grs of H4350 with zero pressure signs. I am going to load two rounds in .2gr increments until I start to see signs of pressure. I guess my question...
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    I think I know why the MSM keeps pushing this lie that Biden is beating Trump in the polls!

    Biden can't get more than three cars to show up for a Biden parade, can't fill a high school gymnasium for a Biden pep rally, but every day the MSM keeps telling us that the latest polls show Biden is ahead of Trump. Glenn Beck kind of touched on this...
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    Tired of wasting time and money into slow loads working my way up anyone else?

    I have been doing the OCW method where you load about five rounds per charge weight and work your way up until you find a good accuracy node at the speed you want. What I have found is starting at the low end of most published data is way to slow for...
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    Leader of CHAZ Pleading for help from paramedics......LOL

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    FedEx has a new delivery service called "DeadEx Ground"

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes!
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    How do you get your new toys into the house without pissing her off?

    I posted this and another thread in response to a similar question Every new rifle I get comes into the house in a old rifle case usualy on a day when she knows I have been to the range. It goes like this..... Her..."Hey babe did you have a good day...