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    Tac Ops Rifles

    @Butterburger LH Perfection, need more pics of drive side, please!
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    Left Hand Sale *** SPF *** WTS: LH MPA BA Comp ***SPF***

    Would like to move this quick! Make a reasonable offer if you're interested.
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    Left Hand Sale *** SPF *** WTS: LH MPA BA Comp ***SPF***

    Yep, SA R700. Had an Impact 737, Rem 700, and Vudoo V22 all fit and run smooth. Thanks Eric!
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    Left Hand Sale *** SPF *** WTS: LH MPA BA Comp ***SPF***

    Snagged this a while back from the PX, shot a couple 1 day and a 2 day PRS matches, not used anymore and my kids are RH dangit! NRA blue, Castle cut, I added the Area 419 full arca rail and greyops weights and the newest lo-pro cheek rest. One night vision bridge screw hole is stripped, came to...
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    WTB WTB Lefty MPA, Xylo, etc

    I have a MPA BA Comp in NRA blue with castle cut, some add ons, some flaws, but well loved...
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    Berger 6.5 140 load recipe?

    But is it Elite Sand? :cool: :coffee: :coffee: 41.5 is something of a known general middle node, there's a lower node and a higher node you can troll the 6.5 reloading thread on here for... maybe search for the tweaks with SRP vs LRP, but I'm not sure there's much difference there... I'm...
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    Leupold Mk 4 mil dot range estimation.

    Draw 3.6" at 100y and mil it? 🤷‍♂️
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    Berger 6.5 140 load recipe?

    OP: What brass are you using? Are you loading for Mag-Fed bolt rifle? FOR MY RIFLE: I would probably load x5 at 2.83" OAL (mag friendly) with 41.5 gr of H4350 with those components and shoot for muzzle velocity and group at 100y. I know a shooter who uses 41.8 and those exact components in a...
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    WTB MPA BA COMP 700 SA Left Hand or Ambi

    PM incoming...
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    .308, 2000MR, and 175/178/185 Nodes and Loads!

    following up: fianlly loaded some 46 grains of 2000mr in Prime .308 LRP x1 fired, full length resized, with 185 Jugs at 2.84" OAL, cci 200s. Nice tight group of 5 at 100yds. Now to load x490 more for a 2 day class with a x450 round count, lolol This was 185 FGMM, for reference, speeds were...
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    Hellfire Match barrel/adapter cleaning?

    Just found this on their website, shoulda RTFM :LOL: You should also clean your Universal Adapter with the same care. Every time you clean your barrel, let the carbon cleaner from patching the barrel soak on the muzzle for a few minutes and use a q-tip to wipe any carbon from the barrel...
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    Hellfire Match barrel/adapter cleaning?

    If you leave them on, do you still clean inside the adapter? How? Thx How's it look in there after a few hundred rounds? Blown out, or cruddy AF? :ROFLMAO: I'm not using cans, brakes only.
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    Hellfire Match barrel/adapter cleaning?

    Are people leaving the Area419 brake adapters on for cleaning routines, or do you take them off for barrel/brake cleaning? I am new the the adapter system, Area419 says leave it on, but I see my crown is pretty far recessed inside the adapter, and I can foresee some serious carbon buildup in...
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    Reloading Equipment Wts Berger 185 juggernaut otm

    Eric, I'll take the 175 x600 local! tempted on that 185, grrrrr... OP is GTG yall.