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    Nice MR President.

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    Water leak.

    My tenant calls me the other day and tells me he has no hot water. He said I came home and the hot water heater was off and no hot water, so he lit the pilot. I told him it would take some time to heat up the tank, and let know if he had none the...
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    You ever get bored?

    Waiting for the sun to come up, so you can go to the range?
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    Violent shit show continues.

    The media narrative was always that this would go on until Trump was out of office. Looks like they are about as enthusiastic about Biden as the rest of us. Who voted for him??? 🤣 😂 🤣 [URL...
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    Are stubborn and stupid one and the same?

    @Foul Mike Yep, I broke another shovel.....🤣 😂 🤣
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    So I thought I was the only stupid.......

    Yesterday morning i left home at 5am to glass for some elk. I had left my shoes on the front porch the night before, because I cleaned dog poop in back yard and stepped on a mine. So, I scoop the poop out of the tread with a stick and left them on...
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    More outright lies.

    "Bent county cases are rising at an unprecedented rate, there are multiple outbreaks at facilities that employ the majority of people in our county, and our hospitals are overrun." There are no...
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    Good bye old Friend.

    You were the best shovel a boy could ask for. You have been with me, digging holes, killing snakes, and performing the occasional duty of a man sized bug swatter since I was seven years old. I thought I had lost you last year, but a little welding...
  9. supercorndogs

    For Safeties Sake.

    Go check what your schools are using for disinfectant. Our schools were using one two approved disinfectants. They use every other desk in the classroom switching between classes. They were instructed to spray down every desk that is used and leave...
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    Possible historic targets?

    What is the biggest monument in the world built by slaves?
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    10 AM 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I was going to go shoot this morning after walking the dog, but I could scramble my eggs on the concrete. Never mind, I am a big pussy. I am going to clean my shop, and put an AC in the window.:eek: Maybe get out the air rifle. Maybe I will just...
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    Somebody is ready for deer season....

    Sad part is, this guy probably kills a deer every year. I am not even sure why I bring targets to the public range, there are always some really tricky targets left, that no-one could hit. In his defense, he did get the cardboard twice. This is at...