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    Accessories Ckye Pod Arca Adapter

    I’ll take it
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    DLC Coating Services

    Thanks guys! I decided to send a 3 bolt assemblies and 1 action to IA Coatings. They have their own proprietary DLC called Blackstone ( I'll post pictures when they come back!
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    DLC Coating Services

    Hi All, I’m looking for recommendations on where to send a couple of short actions and bolts to be DLC coated (Curtis and Rem700). would be nice if I can get something in the south east or even Florida. Thank you
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    Accessories Proof Research .243, .257, 264, & .308 SS Blanks

    Hi. Do you have a SS .308 prefit for a Curtis Valor Quick Change? Preferably competition with 10 twist.
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    SOLD Accuate-mags AICS Mags with ALTUS extenders

    I’ll take them. Please pm pmt info.
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    SOLD .223 REM 75gr BTHP

    PM sent
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    SOLD MDT mags & grip

    I’ll take them. Please send me pmt info
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    Reloading Equipment 1000ct 140 eld same lot $425 shipped

    Seconds if it falls through
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    SOLD Wilson 6/6.5 Creedmoor, Whidden 6 Dasher Case Gauges

    I'LL TAKE THE 6/6.5. Please send me pmt info.
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    Reloading Equipment 105 berger vld target

    I’ll take it. Please send payment info.
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    Weight of 35mm MPA one piece mount

    As per MPAs website, 1lb.
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    Accessories WTs- APA gen 3 6mm 5/8

    I don't have a trade for you, but let me know if interested in selling it.