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    Aftermarket AI "Obsession" Chassis - Group Buy

    Feel like the pretty girl at the dance
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    Aftermarket AI "Obsession" Chassis - Group Buy

    That must be mine :)
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    Thermal / NV advice

    Thanks gentlemen, So sounds like it's nice enough to have so Team Wendy, 14, and a MAWL? Anything else major that I'm missing?
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    Thermal / NV advice

    Figure I better run this by everyone before I make a mistake. Thermal - REAP IR 35mm going on my SR25 It will be mostly used for hogs on the rice fields and then up at our ranch for general hunting. I expect to make this purchase between now and 4th of July sale Would everyone also recommend...
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    Shoutout to Jorge at Capitol Armory for Great CS!

    I like those guys so much I waited on them to have an in-stock KAC CRS over another dealer who had it already.
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    What's On Your Wish List?

    Wishlist: Left-handed AI PSR - Hopefully they make it so I can order one that includes all the bolts needed so I'm not in the same situation I was with my AXMC MP7 Ordered but waiting on: KAC 6.5 upper Noveske 300 Ghetto Blaser KAC CRS Suppressor Pretty shortlist but I have most of the...
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    SR-25 PC Glass

    I have an S&B 5-20 ultra-short on mine if you want to look at those as well. I would usually lean with Nightforce but the SKMR3 reticle is one of my favorite. If I was you I would pick the reticle you like best and call it good.
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    What’s most comfortable hiking/shooting boot. Do the custom 3D mapping and send it in. They will recommend the best boot based on your foot and then make the insoles for you and the boot. Other than that you will just be guessing what will work with your foot....if you have to guess...
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    Who's the POC at Euro Optic ?

    Jason has always been good to me -Carlysle
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    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    I'm ordering mine direct If you can't order direct this would work and he has two left
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    Accuracy International Only - Colorado Shoot

    Voted yes, But will need more information as I'll be traveling from Texas
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    WTB: Accuracy international hat

    Also in the market. They busted my truck window for mine
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    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    An honest .75moa with factory FGMM 175 and KAC CRS
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    Smaller tractor brands

    Kubota here
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    MSC Strider - Carbon

    Specifically looking to trade for these items 1) Winkler Belt knife with the brown leather sheath and maple handle 2) TAD edition barrel flashlight