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    Brass for Sale - FGMM 308 WIN, FGMM 7.62, Peterson 308 WIN, Prime 6.5 CM

    I'm sorry, these were just purchased for asking price.
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    Brass for Sale - FGMM 308 WIN, FGMM 7.62, Peterson 308 WIN, Prime 6.5 CM

    Per the above, I have the following brass for sale. Approximately 310 pieces of Federal GMM 7.62. Mostly 11, 12 & 13. Nearly all have been cleaned and processed - $90 Shipped (Lower 48) flat rate. Approximately 235 pieces of Federal GMM 308 WIN. - $70 Shipped (Lower 48) flat rate...
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    Candace Owens: "I DO NOT support George Floyd!" & Here's Why! [Non deserving martyrdom!]

    You think this is bad, wait until the officers involved are acquitted for using a common restraining technique. In fact, I’d wager that the department trained officers in this technique. It is a possibility. GF lived a violent...
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    Best all around rear bag

    The Mulligan
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    Seb Joy-Pod and Bigfoot for Sale

    They are yours.
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    Seb Joy-Pod and Bigfoot for Sale

    Per the above, I have for sale a Joy-Pod and Seb Bigfoot. I am selling as a package for $$$$. Shipping will be calculated and negotiated based on standard USPS rates. The I purchased the Joy-Pod used in December. I have since moved over to F-Open and no longer need the Joy-Pod. Joy-Pod comes...
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    Gray Ops AMP Plate ***SOLD

    I’ll take it.
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    Scope Quality and Seeing Trace

    It wouldn’t hurt, but most people miss trace because the are at max magnification.
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    Bolt lift 308 vs 6gt

    I would not accept a repaired barrel. I would demand a new barrel be cut.
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    Bolt lift 308 vs 6gt

    A defect in the chamber will cause heavy bolt lift. I experienced this before. For the record this was a barrel cut by a very reputable smith. Obviously the smith missed this in QC. He was easy to deal with and refunded my money.
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    What the ever loving fuck is wrong here???

    Our local PD has one of the. It has a punisher skull painted on the rear door. Who the hell are they looking to punish? To hell with protect and serve. Today it’s punish!
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    Bolt lift 308 vs 6gt

    What kind of brass? My shooting partner experience issues with difficult bolt close/open due to the out of spec size of virgin brass.
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    Mpa. Ba comp

    Will you split the weight kit?