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    6mm BRA

    I have not fire formed with N150. I fire form with 4895 and keep the velocity around 2780
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    6mm BRA

    31.0 Grains of N150 gets me 2900. I dialed it back to 30.7 and ended it around 2850. Barrel is 28 inches. Nice soft feeling load that shot well.
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    New 6mm barrel time. School me.

    Hard to go wrong with a 6br for 600 yards. I have shoot my 6bra at br speeds and have no trouble going past 800. I’m thinking of just going straight br next barrel.
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    Sig customer service

    Had a Sig Max on an open pistol that quit working. They replaced it no questions asked.
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    6mm 110gn ATIP jump

    I would think your free bore would also make these numbers different for everyone. The free bore on my 6bra is .135. I think you need a little more free bore on these small 6mm’s with the Atips.
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    6mm 110gn ATIP jump

    6bra I was jumping 40k. Started at 20 but didn’t start tightening up until around 35.
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    What’s a good build option?

    I agree with the above post. I like 6 creed but 6.5 would give you longer barrel life.
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    6mm BRA

    4895 is notorious for variation
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    6mm BRA

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    6mm BRA

    I agree with this. The lot to lot variation is bad and it is temp sensitive. I have a bunch of Varget so I’m going to try it on the next barrel when the 4895 is gone. 4895 seems more popular with the bench crowd.
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    6mm BRA

    29.1 grains 4895 Berger 109 at 25k jump CCI 450 primer Bartlein 28 inch barrel Lapua brass I have used about 8 pounds of this lot of 4895 and it is faster than the other lots I have used. Seems to be a lot of variation lot to lot in it
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    PRS Talk Velocity Sweet Spot For PRS?

    I prefer to run my 6BRA at around 2820 with a Berger 109. I used to chase speed then went with slower crowd.
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    6mm BRA

    I used to chase speed. The load I have used for this barrel is pushing a 109 Berger around 2820, basically BR speeds. I can see more trace and less recoil at matches. It’s just a nice soft load to shoot.
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    Pistol primers

    I have used small rifle in a 38 Supercomp open pistol, but not the other way around. Like others have said maybe low pressure rounds.