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    What are you drinking right now!?

    Its been pretty elusive around here.
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    What are you drinking right now!?

    Scored these this afternoon, currently having a glass of C919 to celebrate.
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    Self Defense options from South Africa (or here when people don’t vote R)

    Screw that, just give me a ball peen hammer.
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    It’s started....

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    What are you drinking right now!?

    Did you buy a barrel?
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    It’s started....

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    I’m beside myself...

    Last thing I would've done was post about it online.
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    STI Staccato P DUO

    Got my holster from Blackpoint Tactical today. This appears to be a leather wing, but what I ordered was the mini wing. The build quality is impressive. I'm happy with it and it seems to be very comfortable. It took 4 months on a 6-8 week estimate, and its not the holster I ordered, but it is...
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    Ariat vs. Lucchese vs. Tecovas?

    Get some made by Beck Boots in Amarillo, TX. You've never owned a pair of boots until you owned custom boots made to fit your foot. They will send you a sizing kit for free. I have 2 pairs of Luchesse boots, they are nice but there is really no comparison.
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    beef, bourbon, ...fuck everything else.
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    STI Staccato P DUO

    7k round update: Shooting has slowed down a little bit lately. Pistol has been 100% reliable since the issue with the mag catch. Still glassy smooth and tight. The Black Point Tactical Mini Wing that i ordered in June still hasn't arrived. I was told 6-8 weeks when I ordered. I have sent an...
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    Have you ever met a KKK member?

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    Texas Reloaded Political ad is Awesome hahha

    Too bad Dan is pro red flag laws, he showed promise at first.
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    What are you drinking right now!?

    Just killed another one.