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    Coin shortage, my ass.

    I was in town today gathering supplies for an upcoming trip, and 3 of the 4 stores that I went to had signs saying that they were not taking cash due to a national coin shortage. The only store that would take cash was the liquor store, so that's the...
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    STI Staccato P DUO

    I had a hankering to go spend some money on a quality American product today. I'm really impressed with the machining, fit, finish, and overall build quality. I mounted a Type 2 RM06 on top as soon as I took it out of the bag. This gun makes my...
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    1 shot vs 3 shot OCW (finished load)

    Gave it a try today, interesting results between the Berger and JLK VLD with h4350 and Lapua brass. They shoot the same in my 6.5x284, not so much here. I plan to do a full OCW tomorrow and see how they line up.
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    Beanland masterpiece

    I want to take an opportunity to brag on Jon Beanland. He built me this 6.5x284 a couple weeks ago. This is my first full custom rifle and I am absolutely blown away. I got a load worked up last week, it wasnt hard to do, the rifle made it easy. I...