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    SOLD WTS Leica 2800.com

    👍 Thanks for a great transaction!
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    Gunsmithing 6mmar (Whitley) vs 243lbc dimensions

    Thanks fdkay!! In contact with MGM now. Got the 243lbc and 6mm Grendel prints from PTG. MGM is getting me print dimensions for their 6AR that concern me on the other 2.
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    Gunsmithing 6mmar (Whitley) vs 243lbc dimensions

    I want to have a barrel chambered for a bolt gun and was trying to determine if I can use my Whitley dies with the LBC. I have a butt load of components.
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    Gunsmithing 6mmar (Whitley) vs 243lbc dimensions

    I believe you are right. My concern is mostly chamber neck diameter on the LBC compared to my 6mmar. Im not really interested in turning necks so I want to confirm compatibility before buying a barrel. I have a print of the 6mmar but not for the 243lbc. There use to be a 243lbc print floating...
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    Gunsmithing 6mmar (Whitley) vs 243lbc dimensions

    I have a Whitley 6mmar gas gun with dies and lots of reloading components. Im toying with the idea of building the same caliber in a bolt gun. 6mmar.com appears to be gone and Whitley isnt answering emails. Does anyone have a 243lbc print so I can compare? My thoughts were if they are the same...
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    Optics WTB : Seekins or Vortex 35mm low rings

    Looking for 35mm low rings either Seekins or Vortex. Let me know what you have. Condition, price etc. Thanks.
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    Optics Leupold Mark 5 3.6-18 TMR

    Message sent. Bill
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD: 6ea boxes of 6mm Nosler 90gr Accubonds

    I have 6ea unopened boxes of 6mm 90gr Nosler Accbonds. $170.00 shipped Email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks for looking. Bill
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD: 240 Weatherby brass

    I have 100 new Norma and 20 once fired 240 Weatherby brass. $160.00 shipped. email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks for looking. Bill
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD 100 new/100 once fired 30-06 win brass

    I have 2 unopened 50 count bags and 100 once fired 30-06 brass. Winchester manufacture. $75.00 shipped. email me at [email protected] if interested! Thanks for looking.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD spc redding match dies

    Price dropped to $170.00 shipped.