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    Army to buy 107,000 Sig m5 rifles, 13,000 Sig m250 LMG, total $4.7 billion contract

    It’s only 5 billion. the big guy left 20 times that in Afghanistan On purpose.
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    700P Question

    Iirc package were sold with mk4 3.5-10 m1 I bought a .308 plain
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    Questions regarding suppressed POI shift

    Adding weight to your barrel affects the way it flexes when fired. 2 moa shift is common. It should be repeatable
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    Paraglide Pig Hunting..

    I remember an article about a guy who hunted coyotes from an ultralight with a benelli shotgun.
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    What is my grandfathers mod 98 worth?

    On gunbroker I’ll wager that you’ll get $350-400
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    Movie Theater Queens Gambit

    I really enjoyed it
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    Optics Steiner sbal-pl $500. nightforce mount sold!

    Yes. I bought 2. Left this one in wrap. Touch button green laser activated. Touch then hold also get white light
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    Optics Steiner sbal-pl $500. nightforce mount sold!

    Ttt with price drop. Best Tk
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    Range Report Beware of Frontier/Hornady ammunition quality control - pics inside

    I have a bad lot of their 62 gr spire pt 5.56mm. 1000 rd bulk pack several like 5 blown primers in a couple mags😱fired in a mcx and colt commando(never happened with either before) also have some 68gr match no issues with that . Update. Hornaday replaced the 900 rounds I returned. Gentlemen...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Tops knives enthusiasts thread

    I’ll play; brakimo, legion, hog! thanks TOPS!
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    Optics FOUND 34mm Scope Mount

    I have a warne. Almost new. Pm me if interested
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    Optics Steiner sbal-pl $500. nightforce mount sold!

    Hello I have a new in wrap genuine steiner SBAL-pl (green laser/white light) $500 shipped to USA barely used NF unimount, 30mm, 1.125” high, 20 MOA $150 sold no defects with either prefer zelle , but will do PayPal ( you add 2.5% for fees) I’ll ship USPS not really looking for trades. Thanks. Tk