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    Skinner Sight

    I have Skinners on a Golden Boy- works great.
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    How much optic is too mich for .22?

    Same with my 66 year old eyes.
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    What's very good accuracy for 22LR

    Looks like it's up to $1200 for 2021
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    Rimfire WTS RimX prefit barrel Bison Tactical Benchmark 18”

    Check the Bison Tactical website for full details.Shoots sk match, standard and centerX well, just need more lenght. Rub mark from takeoff. Couple bricks through it. $600 shipped. Paypal friend venmo zelle
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    New Center X accuracy

    same for me. With the "old" center x at the test center some lots couldn't do 2" at 100m.
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    Accessories Wts MDT folding adapter carbine to carbine

    $100 shipped perfect condtion. paypal friend , zelle, venmo
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    Vortex Razor for my Vudoo.

    I have run a Razor 4.5-27 on a Vudoo loved it. Never had a problem with the parallax at 25 yds. Generous field of view. So many at a great price on the hide.
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    Adapt Armageddon GripChanger Bag for attachment to Picatinny rail for NRL22 barriers

    Then you also get the advantage of using you bag the entire length of your forearm.
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    Pick My Camo!

    Go to the mall and see which one matches best.
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    PRS Talk Thoughts on trying PRS with no DOPE?

    Haven't seen anyone mention the scope. I would find a Vortex Gen II Razor 4.5-27 on the hide for $1500 and you are good to go for a long time.
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    Accessories Wts Bugeye scope turret magnifier

    Out of stock on Loved it -4x glass for bad eyes. Fits a 34mm tube. ( i have one set of Larue 34 to 30mm inserts i can add for $20) My New scopes have big numbers. I have 2. 1. has the box and the longer rod- which i never used. $110 shipped - sold 2. no long rod or box. $100 shipped