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    Fs S&B 3-12 gen 2 mil dot

    What is the product code?
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    AI 2.0 L/A Viper Skins

    Back to the top.
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    WTS: KAC PVS-30 Refurb

    Sold. Well that was quick.
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    WTS: KAC PVS-30 Refurb

    For sale is a refurbished Knights Armament PVS-30 clip-on night vision device. For anyone who isn’t familiar, you can mount this in front of any properly zeroed day optic. The unit is collimated and there will be minimal POI shift (<.25 MOA). Rated for up to 50BMG recoil. 1651 FOM, clean tube...
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    Two Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm scopes

    I would think not.
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    WTB S, G or C prefix Remington 700 action

    My brother has a NIB G prefix, .243 I believe. If you're looking still, I could hit him up.
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    WTB: Mk248 Mod 1 box of ammo

    Looking to get a single box of the ammo for my precision ammo display. If anyone has one they'd let go, I'd love to buy it.
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    Is there a stock doc here?

    I have a USMC A4 spec stock with a Gen II, single screw cheek piece. I have the hardware for a Gen I, two screw cheek piece. My M40A3 is 100% correct, except for this feature. I need someone to do it. McMillan is not doing this conversion anymore. Unless someone here has a buddy there who can...
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    Bushnell tactical tripod + free MF tripod

    Is the bushnell tactical tripod still available?
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    Voting Share in Spartan Precision Equipment for sale.. makers of the Javelin Bipod

    I'm just curious, please post it here. What is 0.7% worth?
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    WTB: Ashbury Precision Ordnance TIMS mount and lens cleaning kit.

    Looking for the last few items to complete my Ashbury Precision M151 spotting scope kit. Please let me know if you have either one laying around and collecting dust.
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    Ultra Rare S&B 4-16xmm MK11 & M110

    It's a 4-16, not 4-18.
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    What is your price for one?
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    My MK13 Mod 5 Build

    To the best of my knowledge, Stillers only.